Volkswagen Cuddy Maxi is a compact city carrier


Small commercial vehicle of Germanproduction "Volkswagen Cuddy Maxi" first saw the light in 1980. Since then, this subcompact car has significantly changed, and in 2011 the company introduced the public a new, fourth generation of the legendary car. So, let's look at how much this novelty differs from its predecessors.

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Looking at the external appearance of the novelty, we canit is certain to say that the Volkswagen Cuddy Maxi of the fourth generation is designed purely in a corporate style. Easily recognizable headlights of the main light (which resemble the equally famous Volkswagen Golf) and the relief hood have purely passenger features. And thanks to LED fluorescent lights and cast fifteen-inch disks, the novelty becomes more stylish and modern. In other respects, the design of the Volkswagen Cuddy Maxi remained as universal and recognizable as before.


It is worth noting that in the inside of the machineappeared a lot of different boxes and niches. They are located almost along the entire perimeter of the cabin - there is a shelf near the front row of seats, boxes and coasters, boxes under the seats, and even on the torpedo there is a small shelf for things and documentation. But the overall picture spoils the low quality of the finishing material - everywhere you see cheap hard plastic. However, in top-end equipment, more expensive material is used as the finishing material, so there is still a choice.

Volkswagen Cuddy Max Characteristics

Driving performance

Despite the use of multiplehigh-tech control systems, the Volkswagen Cuddy Maxi remains primarily a commercial cargo van. Therefore, really easy control of the car can not provide either the borrowed from the Volkswagen Turan suspension suspension, nor the steering with a variable reverse reaction. Also, while driving, many car owners are faced with the problem of increased noise isolation of the cabin.

«Volkswagen Cuddy Maxi» - characteristics engines

As for the technical characteristics, noveltywill have a completely new line of engines. Now to replace the old 1.4-liter engine came a more economical 1.2-liter unit (and in two versions) with a capacity of 86 and 105 horsepower. The diesel also does not grab the rear - the buyer will be available two 1.6-liter turbo-diesel units with a capacity of 75 to 102 horsepower, as well as two two-liter engines that can develop a capacity of 110 and 140 "horses." With regard to the choice of transmissions, for gasoline engines will be offered one mechanical box for six stages, and for diesel engines, the installation of robotic boxes such as DSG. These transmissions are very convenient to operate, which is repeatedly confirmed by multiple test drives and driver's reviews.

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Volkswagen Cuddy Maxi - about the cost

At the moment, a new German fourth generation wagon will cost from 600 to 700 thousand rubles.

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