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For a long time already all novelties of the Russian car industrymotorists are not taken seriously. Many of the drivers prefer to buy a foreign model, tested by experience and feedback, and they do not even pay attention to a high-quality and reliable home-produced car. But more recently, new models of the VAZ have appeared, one of which is the Lada Priora brand known throughout Europe. In this article I will describe a brief overview of all the advantages and disadvantages of this brand after a long operation of the machine, in which the priory reviews received very even contradictory.

To review the model, a machine was used,which "ran" since its purchase more than 2 thousand km. At the very beginning, before you study the priory reviews, you need to describe the common features of this model and the dignity, compared to the previous cars of this series.

It should be noted that Lada Priora machine wasconceived by manufacturers without any special innovations, and represents a small development of electronic filling and design of the ordinary "tens." In addition, paradoxically, Lada Priora inherited from her predecessors a huge number of shortcomings and minor problems in the design. The general view of the machine can easily be approached by the concept of the same slightly modernized "ten".

All changes to the designers are mainly concernedonly the exterior of the car and its interior, as well as numerous additions to various options that were not available on previous models of the brand. Many experts recognize the new model of Lada as one of the varieties of restyling models, which underwent small changes, mostly related to the use of modern production technologies.

The main characteristics of Priora.

The prime model such as the station wagon wasis presented at purchase in a full complete set. At the very beginning of sales of this car, additional structural elements were offered, such as an integrated audio system and a special USB port in the heap with a new type of trunk. It is these innovations that the model we are investigating possesses. One of the main advantages, of course, can be considered a successful exterior of the car, in which the novelty is clearly felt. But along with the pluses, the problem prior has all the same as the old models. In addition, in the modern brand there were old doors with handles-lining for the color of the car body. On the one hand, this is good, but on the other - you can already come up with something new.

But significant changes can be seen in theInterior decoration, which has undergone the most changes. Received prior reviews from motorists especially emphasize the new keys of electric windows at the front doors, as well as the availability of a reliable electric drive in the exterior mirrors. Particularly pleasing is the climate system of the model with a modern type of filter element, which even with such a long operation still provides a comfortable microclimate in the cabin.

Also comfortable and comfortable you can feel yourself,conveniently located on the wide rear seats, which can be adjusted by passengers in height and width. But landing in front seats can cause some difficulties for tall passengers, as the seats here are made much less than behind. But the type of the universal of the prior has qualitative components. The gasoline engine in the car is designed for a volume of 1596 cm3, which allow you to develop power up to 98 liters. from.

Car Lada Priora reviews.

Most of the prior reviews have positive,however, there are significant shortcomings. The designers of the model presented us with the same good model, but with small modifications. This is certainly good, but I would like more.

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