Which oil is better to be poured into the engine - synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral?


Today among car ownersthere is a lot of controversy about what kind of oil is best poured into the engine. Some prefer mineral fluids, others recommend taking synthetic oils, while others do not choose anything other than semisynthetic. In addition, the problem of choice is created by many companies that advertise their products as the most modern and optimal. In this article, we'll look at a few criteria for choosing lubricants and find out which oil is best poured into the engine.

what oil is better to pour into the engine


The first thing you should pay attention to isviscosity of the lubricant. Often, the characteristics of motor oils are divided into two types - summer (that is, those that should be filled in the summer) and winter (well, everything is clear now). So, every manufacturer, whether it is an "Opel" or a domestic GAZ, initially indicates in the operating manual the exact viscosity of the oil, which must be poured in this or that time of the year. There are no precise indicators here, as each company sets its optimal range of data, and the difference between them is very high.

Car mileage

The answer to the question of what kind of oil it is better to pourin the engine, directly depends on the life of the machine, that is, its total mileage. Many masters recommend motorists to use synthetic little only for new cars. Well, for the old there is nothing better than mineral fluids. Also worth noting is the exception - if you are the owner of a sports car, which is 5 years or more, it is better to give preference to "synthetics", since the engine in such machines works at very high revs.

examination of motor oils

What was the liquid earlier?

Examination of motor oils showed that in many respectsthe choice of the right fluid (particularly on vehicles used in the past) depends on which lubricant their engine worked on earlier. For example, if during the last 50-80 thousand kilometers the motor worked on a "mineral water", then this time it is best to fill it with "synthetics". Why? The thing is that the first type of oils in its properties forms in the aggregates various cracks and deposits, which can only be washed by a second kind of lubricant (it has stronger acid values, so for the engine it is very useful). But it is possible that "synthetics" will wash useful deposits, so the second time it should not be flooded. But then which oil is best poured into the engine after the synthetic fluid? In this case, it is best not to immediately go back to the "mineral water", but use a compromise - semisynthetic lubricant. Due to its special properties, it does not damage the engine's performance and at the same time prepares it for the next consumption of "mineral water".

characteristics of engine oils

As you can see, an unequivocal answer to the question,which oil is best poured into the engine, no. Each car is special, and it is necessary to fill in it only that liquid which will not oppress the work of the motor (these cases we just listed). Therefore, take care of your iron friend and pour into it only quality liquids!

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