"Volga" 24 - tuning the salon


Tuning the "Volga" 24 is quite interesting andfascinating process. The time spent on this activity, often flies very quickly and unnoticed. As a result, the driver gets a beautiful and unique look of his car.

Volga 24 tuning

GAZ 24 is a real legend of the Sovietcar industry. This model was launched in production in the 20 th century, but despite this, the "Volga" in Russia has not become smaller. As well as at the time when this car was widely recognized, and today the tuning of the 24 "Volga" is not exotic. Rather, it has a technical purpose. After all, what another 40-year-old car will go without problems for several years, but not "Volga" 24. Tuning of the salon is the first stage from which the global redesign of the entire body and technical characteristics begins. But sometimes some motorists do not stop at this, but go further, while others, on the contrary, believe that the existing interior tuning for them is quite sufficient. As you understand, today's article is devoted to the 24th "Volga", namely the tuning of its interior.

Where to begin?

It is best to start this long and painstakingprocess from the lining of the cabin. It is not necessary to restore it, it will be cheaper to replace the material with a new one. For a retro car, the ideal option is to trim velor, alcantra and leather (can be natural or artificial). The latter option is very practical, because the skin does not require complex care. In addition, the leather interior, no doubt, will give the car respectability. But, unfortunately, the cost of this material is sometimes the same as the price for the entire Volga car.

tuning of the Volga 24

Tuning of plating with the use of alcantra - lessexpensive option, and he is also unpretentious in service. But this does not mean that you do not need to monitor her condition at all. Without care, this skin will not last for one year. To alcantra lasted as long as possible, it is enough just to keep it clean. In addition to its relatively low cost, this finishing material is very elastic and pleasant to the touch. And a wide variety of colors makes it even more popular.

Velours.This version of the skin also has good elasticity and a relatively small price. But, when buying velor, you should know that this material is very intolerant to pollution. Therefore, you will have to constantly keep the cabin in perfect cleanliness.

The following steps

After this, you can safely proceed to updateseats. It is recommended to simply replace them with more sporting ones, a little "puffing" over their mountings. It is possible to preserve the primeval seats, but at the same time, you should take care of the damping elements and the skin.

"Volga" 24 - tuning of the panel of devices

No interior tuning is complete without thisstage. GAZ 24, like all other machines of the 50's, 60's, are equipped with a very modest instrument panel, on which only the most important measuring arrows are located. Therefore, in tuning this part of the cabin, you need to take care of additional meters, and it is desirable that they bring real benefits, and do not exist just like that. Optimal option for a retro car will serve as classic switches. They will decorate the salon and give it more elegance. Also do not forget about the installation of LED lighting.

tuning 24 Volga

These are the main criteria that should be considered when changing the interior of the domestic car "Volga 24". Tuning by own hands is not only interesting, but also very exciting!

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