"Ford Fiesta": feedback from owners about the shortcomings of the car


In the fall of 2008, the sixth generation"Ford Fiesta." The owners in the reviews almost immediately noted both positive and negative aspects of the car, which in a short time became one of the best-selling in Europe in segment B.

Ford Fiesta reviews


Despite the fact that with the emergence of the first generationFord Fiesta passed the years, the car retained a proportional and compact bodywork along with an original and attractive design. The spoiler on the trunk lid and the ascending line of the windows give the car a predatory look. In reviews of the "Ford Fiesta 1.4" motorists noted that the car is especially attractive in pastel shades of the body. The model in 2012 underwent restyling: the range of power units expanded and the grille increased.

Official dealers offer buyersseveral versions of the body: a practical five-door and three-door hatchback. In some markets, a sedan was also offered. Owners of the Ford Fiesta in the reviews of the shortcomings indicated the inconvenience of the three-door version: it's difficult to park because of the wide doors, and it's hard to land and disembark passengers from the rear row of seats.

Ford Fiesta owner reviews


Interior decoration is made usingquality materials: the front panel at the top is covered with soft material, which, as noted in the reviews about the "Ford Fiesta" (hatchback), is very pleasant to the touch. The steering wheel fits comfortably in the hands, the layout of the center console, despite its unusual, is very ergonomic, which makes it easy to read the readings of the instruments.

Despite the attractive appearance anda good interior trim, the owners of the "Ford Fiesta" in the reviews of the shortcomings indicate a small amount of free space in the back row, because of which it is inconvenient to sit there even passengers of small stature. The volume of the luggage compartment is quite good - 290 liters, but folding the backs of the rear row of seats does not really help, because a significant ledge is formed.

Despite the mentioned shortcomings, additionalThe equipment satisfies all requirements of motorists. Virtually all Ford Fiesta complete sets are equipped with ESP and ABS systems, audio system, airbags and air conditioning. Climate control, leather interior trim and cast 16-inch wheels are installed depending on the chosen version. The feedback on the "Ford Fiesta" indicates that the rearview is severely limited, so it is advisable to purchase a car with parking sensors.

Ford Fiesta reviews shortcomings

Running car

The undercarriage of the Ford Fiesta is practically nothingdiffers from the similar one, established on the predecessor, and is represented by a combination of a torsion beam and a classic MacPherson. Good handling and a high level of comfort depend on the correct settings of the chassis. According to reviews of the "Ford Fiesta" we can say that the simple design of the running gear completely justified itself: only the struts and bushings of the front stabilizer have to be changed.

Steering presentedelectromechanical amplifier with electric motor. The disadvantage can be called quite frequent breakdowns of the electric booster, which changes only with the column itself, which costs a large amount.

Engine line

Ford Fiesta powertrains,long used by automaker and tested by time. The engine range is represented by gasoline and diesel engines. Both turbo diesel engines - with a capacity of 1.4 and 1.6 liters and with capacities of 70 and 75, 90, and 95 horsepower, respectively - were developed and created in collaboration with Peugeot specialists.

ford fiesta 1 4 reviews

Gasoline engines

A review of the Ford Fiesta says thatatmospheric petrol engines are not particularly dynamic, showing their potential only at high revs, which adversely affects fuel consumption and the level of noise in the cabin. To demonstrate all the capabilities of the car, it is desirable to choose a complete set equipped with diesel 1.6 Ti-VCT, equipped with a system for changing gas distribution phases.

Diesel engines

Carried out in 2012 restyling of Ford Fiestasupplemented the line of power units with new three-cylinder engines from the line of Fox liter volume. The top version of the ST started to be equipped with a 1.6-liter EcoBoost with turbocharging, which is a turbocharged engine of the Sigma line.

Turbocharged diesel engines, unlikeatmospheric petrol, more dynamic. Since mid-2010, all TDCi began to be equipped with particulate filters. The owners of the Ford Fiesta in a review note that when operating a car only within the city limits, such filters quickly fail, which could provoke a quick replacement of the turbocharger.

Experts recommend regularly conductdiagnostics and cleaning of the oil channel or replacement of the pipeline every 50 thousand kilometers in vehicles equipped with a 1.6 TDCi engine. The probability of sediment accumulation is minimized if the engine oil changes every 10 thousand kilometers.

ford fiesta owner reviews flaws


Ford Fiesta is equipped not only mechanical, butand two types of automatic transmissions. The 1.4-liter engine is equipped with a four-stage automatic, which provides a smooth ride, but increases fuel consumption and worsens the dynamics of the car. The 1.6-liter gasoline engine was equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission with dual clutch Powershift. Such a machine in the reviews of the Ford Fiesta did not receive admiration from motorists: the box works flawlessly, but it’s better not to dream of fast gear changes.

An upgraded version of the B-5 transmission, whichwas created in 1982, received a new designation iB-5. Refinement gearbox was carried out in conjunction with the specialists of the company Getrag. The only drawback of the box is that the right drive oil seal leaks.

ford fiesta machine reviews

Ford Fiesta problems and problems

Carmaker Ford creates high-quality and reliablecars that once again confirmed this model. The reliability of the Ford Fiesta was rated in category B as “above average”: the German vehicle maintenance control association DEKRA has no complaints about the car. Despite this, in a review about Ford Fiesta, car owners complain about crooked reflectors, leaking shock absorbers and an ineffective braking system.

On some Fiesta models, a filling hatch is tilted, causing damage to the paintwork.

Compact and neat Ford Fiesta carsreceived very high marks in the ADAC reports. German autoexperts in the number of disadvantages make such elements as a starter, radiator, ignition system, fuel pump, wiring, battery, immobilizer and fan. Despite the rather large list of potential defects, they are extremely rare.

TUV car reports are also quite good.He proved himself. The main drawbacks of the model include the low efficiency of the brake system, which is manifested in the basic version of the Fiesta, equipped with drum brakes, and a fairly frequent burnout of light bulbs in optics.

ford fiesta hatchback reviews

The main problem of the old Ford Fiesta modelsis corrosion. The owners of the Ford Fiesta in a review note that corners of corrosion appear very quickly along the edges of body elements, under the pads and in the places of chips.

Frequent problems with the electrician car: malfunctions in the central locking system and multimedia system are manifested. As exploitation progresses, knocking from the tailgate is provoked by the upholstery.

Since the Ford Fiesta is in considerable demand among motorists, spare parts for it are very affordable. It is not difficult to purchase even original branded parts, besides prices are affordable.

When buying used Ford Fiesta models fromEurope, it is desirable to carefully check the white cars, equipped with turbo diesel engines. It is likely that such machines were used by various organizations, respectively, their actual mileage is much higher than that indicated. But, despite active operation, such cars have practically no signs of corrosion and wear, which speaks of their high quality.

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