Is the engine repaired or completely replaced? What's better?


Unfortunately, the engines of cars do not last forever. Sooner or later, each of them will require repair, perhaps even a major one. To find out what time it is time to replace / repair this part is very simple.

cap engine repair
First there is an increased noise, strange knocking,then the consumption of motor oil sharply increases and blue smoke emanates from the silencer. Also, such a car is badly started, and when you move unexpectedly begins to stall.

Cap engine repair is a complex complexworks, which includes the restoration of its technical characteristics by complete disassembly and subsequent repairs. Major repairs are carried out almost all the engine parts: the crankshaft, the cylinder head, as well as the cylinder block itself and much more.

What factors can expose the heartcar breakage? At the SRT, sometimes even those engines fall, the mileage of which does not amount to one hundred thousand. The engine is not a piece of scrap, and it should be handled with care. And those who do not adhere to the necessary rules of exploitation, later bitterly pay for it. First of all, an unforeseen breakdown can result in a formal disregard for the regular replacement of oil and oil filter. These, at first glance, small parts play a very important role in the operation of the engine.

engine repair

With a worn filter, the oil simply does notgets into the engine, as a result of which the pistons work "dry". After a few minutes of such work, the motor can finally jam. It can save only the engine repair cap. Also, the motor can jam and with a working filter, if it is filled with poor-quality oil.

When the engine "does not breathe", motoriststhey ask themselves the question: "Do you need to repair the old one, or is it better to buy a new one?" Of course, the new engine will last longer than the newly reconstructed one, and it will take less time to replace it - one day (maximum two). But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance.

The cost of a new engine is sometimes severalmore expensive than the cost of locksmith repair. Also, when replacing this part with a new one, the driver is in great trouble with the documents. After the replacement, it is required to register a new engine number in the traffic police, and this oh, as not easy, and very expensive.

Usually, "new" engines are removed from emergencycars that managed to participate in the accident. The price for them is much lower than for really new engines. But because of the long and costly design in the traffic police, many drivers decide on the repair of the engine.

engine repair nissan

Thus, the demand for work on the productrepair engines in our country is growing rapidly every day. Every day there are all new service stations that offer urgent repairs to the Nissan, Volvo, Mercedes and many domestic cars. Some of them offer a really high quality of service. Some also repair TNVD engines, but it is worth remembering that not always low prices for repair work - it's good. Consult with the familiar mechanics, read reviews about SRT and only after that decide where to do the repair of the engine of your car.

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