Design and specifications of the "Cia Picanto"


For the first time the most compact carKorean-made "Kia Picanto" 2011 was presented at the Geneva auto show in the same year. Recall that the first generation of Korean cars was developed in 2004, after which the novelty has experienced several updates. The last of these is the development of the 2011 model year "Kia Picanto." Technical characteristics and appearance of the new midget car significantly after, the dimensions of the body slightly increased, and in general the novelty began to look more worthy. So, let's deal with all the features of the new "Korean" in order.

"Kia Picanto": photo and review of the exterior

Due to the fact that the car increased indimensions, its wheelbase also "matured". Due to the new lines on the hood, as well as the trapezoidal forms of optics, the passenger car began to look more aggressive.

pico cantilever specifications
There appeared on the side branded vyshtampovki, and the backpart of the car is decorated with new lights and brake lights. Technical characteristics of "Kia Pikanto" in the field of aerodynamics have also improved. It is also worth noting that the novelty can optionally be equipped with light alloy wheels and LED headlights of the main light. In addition, the manufacturer offers a huge number of color solutions, allowing the buyer to find the most suitable car for him.


The salon of the renewed "Cia Picanto" was completelyredesigned. Now the machine has a completely different design of the panel with large dials of measuring instruments. The back of the rear row of seats became folding. In the "luxury" trim levels there is a multifunction steering wheel with adjustable column height. Also will be available firm radio with USB-output, electric windows and climate control system. But the main plus of the new generation of "Kia Picanto" is an increased luggage compartment, which now can hold up to 200 liters of luggage. And it will be available in all trim levels without exception.

kia picanto photo

Technical characteristics of "Kia Picanto"

In addition to a rich assortment of additional optionsin the cabin, the novelty has a wide range of engines for the domestic market. There are 3 of them in total, and they all work on gasoline. Opens our line of basic power plant with a capacity of 69 horsepower and a volume of only 1000 cubic centimeters. The average unit has a working volume of 1250 "cubes" and develops a capacity of 71 horsepower. The top engine with its volume of 1100 cubic centimeters develops a capacity of 74 "horses". Due to the fact that all units have a small working volume and modest technical characteristics, "Kia Picanto" can boast of its excessively low fuel consumption. The youngest motor consumes no more than 4.2 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers in a mixed cycle.

kia picanto specifications


The minimum cost of a new car in the basestandard equipment is equal to 370 thousand rubles, while the most luxurious option will cost no more than 480 thousand. Such a low price and economical technical characteristics of the "Kia Picanto" will clearly not be left without attention. In the domestic market, this midget car will definitely find its buyer.

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