Should I install the xenon on the scooter? Advantages and disadvantages


Over the past decade, xenon lighting forvehicles is gaining more and more fans. This is not surprising, because the xenon headlights consume relatively little energy, and the road in the dark is much better than all others.

In addition to practical application, auto- andmotorists made xenon part of the tuning. In particular, to improve the appearance of motorcycles and scooters, it is used quite widely, complete with accessories such as "the eyes of an angel." With a competent combination, this gives the appearance of a scooter or a bike an aggressive and expressive look.

xenon scooter

But the main task of xenon headlights is to illuminate the way. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of good passing and driving lights, because this can prevent an accident.
In motorized environment, xenon has long ceased to be considered a curiosity. Moreover, many manufacturers at the factory complete their models with xenon headlights.

Scooters in this plan were less fortunate - most models of the middle price segment are forced to light their way with regular 35-watt bulbs.
Therefore, many scooter owners are concerned about the issueon whether to install the xenon on the scooter. Of course, this involves a lot of difficulties, starting with the price of the issue. However, it is hardly worth worrying about the considerable cost of branded lamps, which sometimes can reach several hundred dollars. It is better to find a more budget option.

Of course, one can hardly imagine that someonewill decide to put Chinese xenon on a premium motorcycle. However, for a bike simpler, a moped or scooter is quite suitable kit, manufactured in China or Korea. Such lighting is inexpensive, but, as many experts note, it has a good quality (even compared to its much more expensive colleagues).

xenon for scooter

Those who decided to acquire such lights and already installed a xenon on the scooter, note a number of advantages over conventional headlights:

1) The light of the xenon lamp is twice as bright as the standard scooter headlight.
2) The life of xenon lamps is almost 11 times longer.
3) Passive safety.
4) The light of the xenon on the spectrum is closer to the solar one, which means that with a long trip in the dark, the driver's eyes will tire much less.
5) Correct xenon lamps are almost not heated and do not harm optics.

xenon on a motorcycle
6) And one more reason, by which one should choosexenon. On the scooter, accompanied by a powerful blue light, it is easier to draw the attention of other traffic participants, which means a lot for the safety of the driver and his passenger.

It would seem that everything is obvious. However, there are several arguments against choosing a scooter for a scooter:

1) The installation of such lighting also requires an ignition unit, for which you will need to find a place.
2) All electrical equipment of the scooter needs to be altered, otherwise it will be impossible to achieve the maximum performance of the xenon lamps.
3) The main part of the work will only be able to electricians, and this will entail additional costs.

Before installing the xenon on the scooter, you need to carefully check the condition of the reflectors, the cleanliness and tightness of the headlights.

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