"Suzuki Bandit 250" (Suzuki Bandit 250): photos and reviews


Japanese road bike "Suzuki Bandit 250"appeared in 1989. The model was produced for six years and in 1995 it was replaced with the GSX-600 version. The reason was a relatively low engine resource, which at that time was a "stumbling block" for almost all companies producing road and sports motorcycles in the Land of the Rising Sun. It should be noted that the resource of motors in itself was quite sufficient if we compare Japanese-made bikes with similar models of European or American firms. However, the quality of the Japanese is much higher, which has already become a tradition. Hence, such a captious attitude of engineers of the concern "Suzuki" to the longevity of engines.

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Model "Suzuki Bandit 250" is the mostpopular among bikers who prefer to ride without extreme, at medium speeds. Before its appearance on the market, the "Honda-SV1" reigned. Road motorcycle "Suzuki Bandit 250" and the following Suzuki Bandit GSF 400 competed with "Honda" and even pressed it. For a while these three models were delivered in approximately equal quantities to the European dealer network. Then, "Suzuki Bandit 250" began to be produced only for the domestic market of Japan.

Steering design

In early 1996, the "two hundred and fifty" was returned to theconveyor, mass production expanded, and the motorcycle in large quantities went to export. The release lasted until 2002. In recent years, several restylings have been carried out. For example, a motorcycle was returned to the clips from which the release began in 1989, but which were later canceled. For a road motorcycle, it does not matter much how its steering wheel is arranged, whether it is a one-piece design or divided into two parts. Clips are necessary for race cars, when certain rudder settings are required to adjust the fit of the rider. The convenience of controlling a road bike depends on a number of reasons, but it is not difficult to set up a motorcycle.

Suzuki Motorcycle


In 1991, the Suzuki Bandit GSF 250 was releasedLimited Edition, which differed from the basic version of a massive fairing, which integrated a large round headlight. A coolant temperature sensor appeared on the instrument panel, which had not existed before. Overheating of the engine was fixed by a red light bulb. This method of control did not justify itself, because the rider could easily miss the critical temperature rise point, which was fraught with the failure of the entire piston group. The new sensor warned in advance about the heating of the engine, and in a critical situation I switched off the ignition and the engine stopped.

In 1995, the "Suzuki Bandit 250" was finalized.The engine finally switched to 40 horsepower instead of 45. At the same time, another engine was created with variable phases of gas distribution. This powerplant was installed on motorcycles with front fairings, thus appeared the modernized "Suzuki Bandit 250-2". However, its serial production was never established, and the tested basic version still came off the assembly line.

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Motorcycle "Suzuki Bandit", description

Overall and weight parameters:

  • length of motorcycle - 2050 mm;
  • height along the saddle line - 745 mm;
  • the distance between the axles is 1415 mm;
  • ground clearance - 140 mm;
  • dry weight of the motorcycle - 144 kg;
  • fuel consumption - six liters per hundred kilometers, in the city mode;
  • capacity of gas tank - 15 liters;
  • the maximum load is 140 kg;

Power point

Motorcycle "Suzuki 250 Bandit" is equipped with a four-cylinder four-stroke gasoline engine with the following characteristics:

  • The working volume of the cylinders is 249 cubic cm;
  • power - 42 liters. from. at a speed of 14000 rpm;
  • torque - 24.5 Nm at 10,000 rpm;
  • compression - 12,5;
  • stroke of the piston - 33 mm;
  • diameter of the cylinder - 49 mm;
  • cooling - water;
  • ignition - non-contact, electronic;
  • start - elektrostarter;

The engine has a feature - it does not pull at small and medium revs, but turns into a beast with a set of 9000 rpm.

Road motorcycle "Suzuki 250" is equippedsix-speed gearbox, with a lever-operated footswitch. Clutch multi-disk, working in an oil bath. Transmission of rotation to the rear wheel is chain.

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Suzuki Bandit 250 today

The model has not been produced for a long time, but beautifulfast cars on the road less becomes. Motorcycle has a high repairability, spare parts, although expensive, is in full range. Bikers, craftsmen not only make the car a good time, but tuning for "Suzuki Bandit" has long become commonplace.


New motorcycles brand Suzuki Bandit 250 on the marketalready can not be, the last one got off the assembly line in 2002. You can buy a used one from your hands or at a specialized shop selling used motorcycles. "Suzuki Bandit 250", the price of which is formed in accordance with the technical state and the period of operation, should be in good progress. Sometimes the machine is in a state not subject to recovery, in which case it is sold for parts at a contractual cost.

In most cases, the price of a motorcycle does not exceed350 thousand rubles, and this if it is in perfect condition. Instances that require repair, but remain on the move, are sold at a price of 65 to 90 thousand rubles.

suzuki bandit reviews

Customer's opinion

Owners say first of all reliabilityrunning gear and motorcycle brake system. At the same time, the ergonomics of the seat leaves much to be desired, although the bike is considered to be a road bike, while riding a long distance, the biker is tired. If the model is released with the clips, then they should be put right away so that the hands do not feel tired. If the steering wheel is normal, then it can also be turned and adjusted - put in the optimal position. The rest of the bike does not cause any complaints. It starts with a quarter turn, at any temperature.

Model "Suzuki Bandit", reviews about which alwayswere only positive, does not require any adjustments, the main thing is to fill the tank with high-quality fuel and carefully observe the lubrication regime. Preventive inspection and maintenance must be carried out on time, minor repairs are also not recommended to be postponed. Motorcycle owners mark its longevity, individual specimens serve fifteen or even twenty years to one master.

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