Restyled "Mitsubisi ASH". Design and specifications of Mitsubishi ASX new range


"Mitsubisi ASH" is another Japanesecrossover compact class, mass production of which began in 2010. As the manufacturers assure, the novelty was built on the platform "Project Global" common with the "Outlander". The very same model of "ACH" was invented for good reason. The fact is that the value of ASX in English "Active Sport X-over" literally means "crossover for active driving". In today's article, we would like to give a separate overview of this crossover, which will consider the technical characteristics of Mitsubishi ASX, its design and price.

specifications of Mitsubishi ASX


Indeed, the design of the car is just the sameurban. Externally, the Mitsubishi ASX 18 is distinguished by its modern and stylish exterior. In some parts of the body there are even details that characterize it as a full-fledged jeep (probably, you also noticed that the car has added a lot of chrome parts). "Peredok" new items designed in the corporate style of "Mitsubishi" - the same slanting headlights of the main light, a massive air intake and the same grille. The latter, by the way, underwent a slight change during the restyling. If you compare the technical characteristics of Mitsubishi ASX with its co-platform "Outlander", you can say that they have no special differences. Both off-road cars have a stylish and elegant appearance, as well as powerful engines. By the way, about the units.

Mitsubishi ASX specifications

Mitsubishi ASX specifications

We note at once that the range of engines includesyourself three gasoline units. Let's start with a 117-horsepower engine with a volume of 1590 cubic centimeters. It is the base for Mitsubishi ASX. The technical characteristics of this unit have been known since 2004, when MDC Power created an absolutely new four-cylinder engine that meets all world standards of CO2 emissions. However, all the further 6 years of its existence, it was constantly subjected to refinements, and now - in 2010 it was serially installed on crossovers "Mitsubisi ASH".

The second engine is a 140-hp unitvolume of 1798 cubic centimeters. "Top" is a 150-horsepower engine in 1998 "cubes". In fact, it's just a modified version of the previous 140-horsepower engine. As for transmissions, the crossover "Mitsubishi ASH" can be equipped with either a classic "mechanics" for five stages, or a stepless variator.

Mitsubishi ASX 18


What, the technical characteristics of Mitsubishi ASXwe have already considered, we shall pass to cost. In Russia, a new crossover, the Mitsubishi ASH, is available in three trim levels. Among them, the basic "Inform" costs from 699 thousand rubles, "Invimate" - from 779 thousand and top "Intens" - from 829 thousand rubles. If you ask: "Why" from? "- we now explain to you.The fact is that each configuration has its own level of equipment (air conditioners, airbags, ABS systems and other devices, the installation of each car dealer requires an additional fee). , the price for the new Mitsubishi ASH can vary from 699 thousand to 1 million 249 thousand. As you can see, the run-up to the price is almost 2 times, therefore, before buying, be sure to specify what equipment you will use and which not. for what you will not e use it, is simply meaningless.

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