Tires Michelin X-Ice 3: reviews, prices. Reviews of the tires "Michelin X-Ice Nord 3"


Tires of the French company "Michelin" more than oncehelped win the racing cars of Formula 1. The brand offers not less qualitative rubber to ordinary cars. One of the options for winter "shoes" is Michelin X-Ice 3. Reviews about this model of rubber and its characteristics will be considered in detail in the article.

Manufacturer Information

The official date of foundation of one of the mostknown companies producing tires for cars "Michelin" is considered to be 1888. Its founders - the brothers Eduard and Andre Michelin - gained fame by creating "quiet" brake pads for bicycles. Within a few years, it came to replacement tires, thanks to which cyclists stopped being afraid of puncturing the rubber.

michelin x ice 3 reviews

World fame brought the brand not onlythe introduction of innovative ideas, but also the use of the original logo - Bibendum. The mountain of tires and the rich imagination of one of the founding brothers helped create a well-known advertising character. In the beginning he advertised rubber for bicycles and fiacres. The latter were wheelchairs moving with horses. The Michelin brothers knew that this type of transport would quickly lose its relevance, and in due time adjusted their pneumatic tires to the car.

To date, the largest productionThe company's capacities are located in France, Italy, Austria, Greece, Russia, Azerbaijan, Spain. Also successfully the brand products are produced in the USA, Turkmenistan, Japan.

Michelin model line

Assortment of rubber from the French manufacturerthere are hundreds of models, which undoubtedly complicates the choice. At the same time, drivers can not worry about the quality of the products offered. High performance characteristics have models of summer, all-weather and winter wheels.

The most popular winter models include:

  • Michelin X-Ice North 3 - The winter version of the "spike" received a lot of praise from car owners.
  • Michelin Alpin A4 - "Velcro" for winter driving is recognized by many drivers as one of the best.
  • Michelin Latitude X-Ice North 2+ - a model of winter tires specifically designed for the CIS and Scandinavian countries.
  • Michelin X-Ice 3 XL - winter tires for heavy SUVs. They have good maneuverability and softness.
  • Michelin Latitude X-Ice 2 - an ideal version of friction rubber for severe winters.

All-season and summer tires for cars, crossovers and SUVs are presented in such models of the Michelin as Cross Terrain, CrossClimate, Energy, Pilot, Primacy, Weatherwise.

Michelin X-Ice 3: Test

By the choice of winter tires motorists are suitablevery responsibly, studying the test results and listening to the responses of friends. Some drivers "feel" the road in winter only when driving on "thorns," while others prefer to ride on friction rubber. The latter option is the most common among domestic and foreign drivers.

The French giant for the production of rubberThe Michelin offers a wide range of wheels for a harsh and mild winter. Michelin X-Ice 3 tires are the newest in 2012. The ideal tires for city driving mode received high performance from the manufacturer, which were subsequently confirmed by numerous tests.

michelin x ice north 3

The creators of the product promise the maximum driverThe level of safety on the snow-covered and icy coating. Indeed, on the snow-covered ice, snow porridge and already rolled snow, it is possible to maintain controllability of the car, "shod" in Michelin X-Ice 3.

As a result of testing the winter tires, the model"Michelin Ix-Ice 3" won the third place and lost to the leader only 0.2 points. This high appreciation of rubber received for the confident behavior of the car at various stages of the test. "Velcro" easily passed the snow-covered track, wet and dry road surface. Good grip showed tires and when riding on ice. However, rubber has a long braking distance on dry and wet asphalt. This somewhat reduced the final rating of the tires.


One of the most important parameters when choosing rubberis the tread pattern. What did the developers of the model Michelin X-Ice 3 award? Experts say that an increased number of blocks, surrounded by sharp edges, allows you to overcome the most snow-covered sections of the road.

michelin x ice 3 test

The protector received a symmetrical pattern thatis part of yet another innovative Micro-Pump technology. The micropumps in the form of large-radius holes located along the side of the tread block effectively clean the contact patch from moisture and remove thawed snow.

Main characteristics

Previous model X-Ice 2 was no less successful than its updated version. At the same time, the manufacturer took care that X-Ice 3 has acquired improved functions. Reviews about Michelin X-Ice 3, which can be heard from experts, say that this rubber combines the latest innovative developments in the field of tire production.

The technology of Cross Z allowed to increasecontrollability of the vehicle due to lamellas located at specially designed angles. Crossed zigzag lamellas increased the stability of shoulder blocks and tread pattern, provided an excellent coupling with the road.

Excellent coupling properties also allowed to achieve the Edge Block Edge, allowing to maintain controllability under any extreme conditions, both on the ice, and on the snowy road.

tires michelin x ice 3

The rubber mixture FleX-Ice, consistingmainly made of silicone fibers, allows to reduce the brake distance on the road surface of any quality. Control of the car is felt even when the air temperature rises.

Even at 50% wear, the performance of the tires will remain at the level of the new rubber due to the deep cutting of the slats.


The car owners who decided to "shoe" their "ironhorse "in the tire Michelin X-Ice 3, reviews about this model leave a wide variety. Most drivers were satisfied with the quality and performance of the tires from the French brand. The tires are well behaved on the snowy road surface, they retain the confident controllability of the vehicle on ice. All of its ability to "Velcro" begins to show at a temperature below -5 ° C.

Do not compare this model with a studdedrubber. On the ice, Michelin X-Ice 3 will behave somewhat worse only at high speeds. At the same time it is easily given icy hills and ruts.

Another advantage of the Michelin X-Ice 3 tires is the price. A set of Velcro will cost car owners 13,800 rubles (175/65 R14). The cost of rubber will increase depending on the size.

Popular "spinovka" from "Michelin"

Rubber Michelin X-Ice North 3 has a huge number of supporters on the part of domestic car owners. The model is produced in 2013 and is suitable for cars and small crossovers.

michelin x ice 3 price

Compared to previous generations, X-IceNorth 3 received fewer spikes, which, strangely enough, did not lead to an increase in the braking distance and did not affect the properties of the hitch with the road. In addition, the manufacturer managed to prove that a new type of spikes allowed to reduce the damage to the road surface.

Description of the third generation of tires

What does Michelin offer in this updated tire model? Winter studded tires received a minorchange in the direction of the drainage channels. Also, developers used the technology "smart spike" when creating the model in question. It involves changing the shape of the spike to a conical one and increasing its base. This allowed to extend the life of tires.

The "smart spike" system provides for the use oflayer of thermoactive rubber, which is located in the area of ​​the spike. As the temperature of the air decreases, the rubber compound layer becomes more rigid, which allows the studs to press more on the coating. When the temperature rises, the rubber becomes softer, and the thorns "hide" inwards, which avoids damage to the road surface and increases the duration of the "life" of the studs themselves. Around this element there is a circular groove, providing a rapid removal of crushed ice and snow crumbs.

Wear resistance

IRONFlex technology - own,patented company development. Thanks to the introduction of steel filament in the structure of the frame, it was possible to achieve an increase in strength. Also, technology implies the creation of a special structure of the sidewalls, which can quickly disperse a large load on the surface of the tire. By the way, this innovation is also used in the Michelin X-Ice 3 model.

michelin winter

The "spike" tests proved that the reductionthe number of "steel teeth" can only benefit. The manufacturer simultaneously took care of maintaining the integrity of the pavement, the safety of the driver in all weather conditions and increasing the service life of rubber. Optimizing the geometry of the drainage grooves made it possible to reduce the effect of aquaplaning by facilitating the removal of snow.

Rubber proved to be quite soft and quiet in comparison with similar products of other manufacturers.

What do car owners say?

To operate in regions with severe winter, this model of "spikes" from the French company Michelin is considered one of the most ideal.

michelin price

Rubber allows you to drive the car confidentlyice, rolled snow, rebuilt through the tracks. A reduced number of spikes allows you to increase the contact spot on a dry road surface and keep all the spikes in place.

Studded or friction rubber?

What to choose - "thorns" Michelin X-Ice North 3 or "sticky" Michelin X-Ice 3?Reviews say that for regions with severe, snowy and cold winters, tires fitted with "steel teeth" are more suitable. "Shipovka" will confidently drive the car both on ice and on dry asphalt. The updated shoulder area in this model positively influences the driving of a car when it hits a track or snowdrifts. For places where the winter is soft and warm, the Velcro will fit the Michelin.

The price of rubber from the French brand is acceptable. Thus, the average cost of one studded tire X-Ice North 3 starts from 3330 rubles.

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