"Hyundai Elantra" - reviews of owners about the fifth generation of the legendary family sedan


Over a long 20-year history, the famous Japanesesedan "Hyundai Elantra" managed to please many, and some - on the contrary. Some praised the car for its peculiar appearance, while others scolded the car for its design. But anyway, today this sedan wheels with Russian expanses and remains a cult family car. At the moment, the Korean concern is releasing the fifth generation of this legendary car. But what was he like now? The answer to this question you will learn from this article.

hendai elantra owner reviews

"Hyundai Elantra" - reviews about appearance

Compared with the previous generation, whichhad a nondescript exterior and a "dry" interior, the updated sedan acquired a completely new appearance, thanks to which the car became more elegant and attractive. The smooth lines of the body and the aerodynamic shape of the body make you pay attention to it. And most importantly - every detail in the body harmoniously complements the overall appearance of the car, making it more original, bright and dynamic.

"Hyundai Elantra" - reviews of owners about the interior of the sedan

Inside the novelty also has a smooth and elegantline. In the new generation of Hyundai Elantra it is worth highlighting such details as a new design of seats with a lot of adjustments, the original shape of the center console and controls placed on it, as well as the thoughtful shape of the front torpedo. Separately it is worth noting a new dashboard, which is completely different from its old versions. Now the main measuring instruments are placed in separate wells, so that the driver easily reads all the information from the dashboard.

hendai elantra 2013

"Hyundai Elantra" - reviews of owners about technical characteristics

On the Russian market, the Korean sedan will besupplied in two variations of gasoline engines. The first unit has a power of 132 horsepower and a displacement of 1.6 liters. The second engine at the same working volume develops a capacity of 150 "horses". Both engines are equipped with two transmissions for 6 speeds. It can be either an automatic or a manual transmission. And the novelty spends quite a bit of fuel - for 100 kilometers the car only needs 8 liters of gasoline in a mixed cycle.

hendai elantra reviews

"Hyundai Elantra" - owners feedback on high-speed performance

Unlike the bright design, in terms of dynamiccharacteristics of the novelty a little behind in development. Despite the fact that the first motor has a power of 132 horsepower, the "hundred" it recruits only in 10.7 seconds. And the 150-horsepower engine does not shine with sports performance indicators - up to 100 kilometers per hour the car with such a motor is accelerated in only 9.3 seconds. Although, maybe it's for the best, because after all it's a family car, not a sports car.

"Hyundai Elantra" - owners feedback on the cost

The minimum price for a new car in the basecomplete with a 132-horsepower engine and a mechanical gearbox is about 700 thousand rubles. 2013 Hyundai Elantra in the top version of Sport with a 150-horsepower engine will cost customers 914 thousand rubles.

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