Why do I need a fuel pump?


In the design of the fuel system of the car includes a fuel pump. He is responsible for the supply of fuel to the combustion chambers.

Fuel pump

There are two types of this device:

  1. high pressure fuel pump,

  2. low pressure fuel pump.

Choice of fuel pump

If the "heart" of the fuel system fails, this unit needs to be replaced. In the process of purchasing a new device of this type, you will need:

  • Take the fuel pump in hand.

  • Make sure it is working properly. This device should "spin".

  • Give "food". In this case, the unit must "jerk" in accordance with the direction of its rotation.

How to check the pressure in the fuel pump?

To check the pressure of the fuel pump, you will need:

- dismantle the cruise control system mechanism;

- Connect a pressure gauge to the hose coming from the fuel pump;

- Switch on the ignition and the fuel pump must turn on. The pressure is increased;

- warming up the engine, record the readings of this device, comparing them with technical standards. The similarity of the testimony indicates the health of this device;

- Disconnect the vacuum hose.If the pressure in the fuel system has not increased, then it is necessary to increase the pressure in the pressure regulator. For this it is sufficient to connect the vacuum pump. Otherwise, replace the fuel pressure regulator;

- If the fuel pressure does not match the technical requirements, you probably need to replace the regulator, fuel filter or fuel pump.

High-pressure fuel pump
How to replace the fuel pump correctly?

If the fuel pump fails, it must be dismantled. To do this, you should:

  • Put the car on the handbrake.

  • From the battery to disconnect wires.

  • Depending on where the tank access cover is located, the rear seat or trunk lining should be dismantled.

  • Disconnect the fuel line hoses and the petrol pump power connector.

  • Remove the bolts.

  • Remove the cover that covers the holes for servicing the fuel assembly. It is necessary to make sure that the garbage does not get into the gas tank.

  • Remove the fuel pump power supply clamping nut.

  • Remove the gasoline pump.

  • Replace the coarse filter screen.

  • Replace the fuel filter.

  • Collect all the removed parts.

Low pressure fuel pump
It should also be noted that the replacement of fuelThe pump must be operated in compliance with safety regulations. It should be noted that fuel in the engine can be under pressure. After the new fuel pump and other elements of this system have been replaced, you can start the car engine with a starter. Only after such a scroll in the system will the fuel appear, and the engine can be started in the usual way.

Another important nuance in the process of operationThe fuel pump is the presence of fuel in the system. Specialists recommend controlling the level of this liquid. The limit can be a red mark. If the presence of fuel below this level, then the probability of failure of the fuel pump increases several times.

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