Installing the radio. Is everything so simple?


Installation of a radio tape recorder in the car is a lesson requiringcertain experience and knowledge. A lot of car enthusiasts allow the installation of the recorder to specialists in car service centers or technical centers. With more certainty, we can say that in this case the effect will not be negative and all the necessary operations will be made at the highest level.

Installation of a radio tape recorder
If the buyer, after listening to the employeeauto show, will agree to install a radio tape recorder, using the help of a service center master, then in many cases the work will only look good. Accuracy of performance of works on installation of a radio tape recorder will be much less, rather than in the technical centers specializing on such kinds of activity. Various car owners with experience in car repair, basically do not use the services of car-care centers and produce such an action, as the installation of a radio, with their own hands.

The minimum audio system of the machine containsitself a radio tape recorder, and also system of acoustics and connecting conducting. Additional elements, such as a subwoofer, amplifiers and equalizers, are required as the requirements for sound quality increase. Therefore, choosing any of the above components of the future car radio, you should consider the need for further modernization.

Installing the radio with your own hands
The greatest application have audio systems1 DIN standard. European car manufacturers make a niche of such dimensions. North American and Japanese (and together with them Korean) machines have a place for installing the atomomatol twice higher, which is called 2 DIN. As the multimedia goods increased, the 2 DIN niche became the most popular. It should be noted that here it is spoken about various leading devices, and not about those that are installed in the car factory. Their external images are very different.

Installation of a radio tape recorder in Prioru is carried out 2methods: front attachment with mounting frame and side mounting. In the instructions attached to the tape recorder, these two installation methods are described in detail. The front mounting is carried out with the help of an installation frame, which is equipped with a larger number of head mechanisms of the 1 DIN standard.

radio cassette recorder installation
Modifications of the 2 DIN standard do not always offerthis kind of installation. This is determined by the greater mass of such devices. Installation of the radio cassette starts with mounting the holder in the connector on the front panel, after which the locking teeth are bent. Next, the connected radio tape recorder is put in the frame. During operation, the head unit is held on special fasteners. Mounting from the side means the presence of regular fasteners in the car. Having chosen a place in which the holes on the bracket and car stereo coincide, you need to fix the unit with special screws. For better fixing, two screws must be screwed on both sides. The manufacturer always notifies the customer about the maximum length of the fixing screws in the operating manual that comes with the radio.

Such procedure, as installation of a radio tape recorder andcomplex system of acoustics, it is better to entrust specialists who perform work with observance of absolutely all criteria of the installation and will provide their own warranty service.

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