Kawasaki Ninja 300 - your first sport


The Ninja Kawasaki 300 motorcycle is a bright representative of the large Ninja family, which has excellent characteristics and dynamic design.

General characteristics

Updated grip created withracing technology, excellent design, the relative ease of the entire bike design, and incredible ease of operation - all this is combined with the improved injector engine, whose volume has increased to 296 cm3, and which allow this model to significantly exceed its competitors.

Compared with the previous version, the updatedsportbike Kawasaki Ninja 300 has improved technical characteristics, comfortable conditions for the driver and passenger, as well as stylish and dynamic design, which draws the attention of all around.

Description of the motorcycle Kawasaki Ninja 300

kawasaki ninja 300

It should be noted that the development of this sports bike focused on improving the speed characteristics. We must give credit to the authors of this model - they succeeded.

As already mentioned, the Kawasaki Ninja 300 motorcycleby all its characteristics in many respects has surpassed its predecessor - Ninja Kawasaki 250. In fact, it is perceived as a completely new bike, and in many respects it is due to the improved engine. In fact, it remained the same, only now its volume has grown to 300 "cubes".

Stylish and aggressive design Kawasaki Ninja 300it is easy to learn even from afar. Updated optics, pointed silhouette and competently selected minute details - the new Ninja conquers city roads and endless routes every day.

Motorcycle Engine Kawasaki Ninja

motorcycle kawasaki ninja 300

The motorcycle is equipped with a 4-stroke 300-row injector motor with a working volume of 296 cm3, is equipped with a water cooling system and easily gives a power of 38 "horses" at 11,000 rpm.

Such characteristics provide an excellentmotor power of a motorcycle. Moreover, a sturdy motor and its optimum volume assume good engine rigidity and a decent acceleration even at low revs.

All this became possible due to the increase in the running gear of the piston and the lightweight body of the bike itself. Yes, by the way, the maximum speed is about 190 km / h, which is especially important for a beginner.

Technical characteristics of a sports motorcycle

Separate attention deserves "filling"an improved sports bike. So, for example, the constructive part of the engine remained the same. The only thing that has changed is the volume of the motor, which has increased due to the increase in the running gear of the piston. In addition, the changes have affected the power system - now on the carburetor installed electronic injection. The renewed and balanced crankshaft together with the lightweight pistons allow to keep the revolutions at the maximum level - 13 000 rpm.

You should evaluate the engine of the motorcycle Kawasaki Ninja300, the characteristics of which in many respects exceed the previous version of the bike. First, the motor is attached to rubber dampers, which provides less vibration and adds more comfort to the driver and passenger. However, the convenience depends on the updated suspension Uni track. The tire on the rear wheel (140 mm) excellently feels the pavement.

kawasaki ninja 300 price

Kawasaki Ninja 300: price and reviews

The updated version of the sports bike as impossiblebetter suited for those who are just starting to master the technique of driving. Energetic design and excellent technical characteristics perfectly cope with urban roads and spacious trails. Lightweight body allows you to gracefully maneuver on bends without special complications. The design features of the wheels provide excellent grip on the road surface. Motorcycle Ninja Kawasaki - this is a fairly successful model of a modern motorcycle, which is perfect for beginners.

Who is Kawasaki Ninja 300 for?Reviews of him eloquently say that this is just an ideal model for novice drivers, who are still afraid to move to more powerful bikes. Of course, the cubature differs somewhat from the old, but well-proven, motorcycles like the Honda CB 400, but this model is an excellent version of a sports bike.

kawasaki ninja 300 specifications

And now about the cost. To buy a motorcycle Ninja Kawasaki 300 it is possible in specialized interiors or at owners. As practice shows, it is better to overpay after all, but to buy an absolutely new bike, which is unlikely to present the first "surprises" in the near future. The average cost of a motorcycle in motosalons varies from 6000 to 8000 dollars.

What's new for Ninja Kawasaki 300

The updated version of Ninja Kawasaki is equipped withsufficiently powerful injector engine. Attention, which was created taking into account racing technologies, deserves attention. The rear suspension of the lever type Uni track provides excellent maneuverability in corners and dangerous sections of the road and allows you to confidently feel the motorcycle in any situation.

kawasaki ninja 300 reviews

Changes also touched the exhaust pipe - now it has become somewhat wider and shorter. This innovation provides additional engine power at all speeds.

Separately it is necessary to tell about some othersnovelties of a sports motorcycle. So, in the new model, the cooling radiator casing directs the air away from the problem areas - from the frame, the gas tank and directly to the driver.

Of course, the brand-new Ninja Kawasaki 300 isbudget option for novice motorists. On it you can get a certain dose of adrenaline and at the same time save your life. Judging by the responses of the owners, the bike behaves well in the city, deftly maneuvering between cars and quickly jumping traffic lights - for such a bright and stylish motorcycle, kilometer traffic jams mean absolutely nothing.

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