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Before deciding which signaling is better,consider what functions, it performs and its types. The standard set of auto alarm functions includes: triggering the opening of doors, hood and trunk, engine blocking, kick-off. There may also be additional functions: the ability to monitor the state of the car at a distance, display information on the screen keychain or other mobile device, programming functions and other parameters of the car alarm, auto start the engine and so on. Car alarms are: analog (AAS) and digital (CAC).

Analog (wired) car alarmsare a complex system, including sensors, blocks, wires and other devices, the interaction and operation of which is organized by the central control unit (CBU). The alarm can be monoblock or multi-block. The control unit, as a rule, should be in the car interior.

Car alarms can be providedtwo-way communication with the pager, mounted in the key ring. Depending on the availability of this function, the alarms are divided into two-sided and one-sided. If we talk about "What kind of signaling is better?" Then, one can definitely say that the two-way is more popular. Also, analog car alarms can be equipped with an additional function of automatic remote starting the engine.

Digital car alarms area number of functional features to ensure the safety of the car, which are consolidated into a single complex. The operation of such a security complex is controlled on the basis of a digital lock relay. The code of the digital relay can be either constant or variable. CACs can be either wired or wireless. Which alarm is better in this case? More reliable among the existing security systems are wireless CACs.

In addition to the basic functions of digital securityComplexes (CSCs) have in their stock a number of additional functions, radically changing the perception of the operation of the alarm system. The main feature of the security complex is that the information can be output to a mobile phone, which turns into a control panel. The owner of the car, installing a special application for the phone, can not only monitor the condition of the CSC, but also manage its operation: configure parameters, set and disarm, enable the engine blocking or start it and much more.

In addition, the CSC may include the following additional functions:

- identification of the owner of the car by phone and at its approach automatically to disconnect blocking of doors;

- informing of alarm events by voice or SMS;

- set the PIN-code to exclude access of unauthorized persons to the program;

- control the charge of the battery;

- the intellectual organization of protection, allowing to avoid false alarms;

- the ability to track the location of the car;

- the possibility of upgrading control programs and security functions;

- other functions.

After all of the above, the question "Which signaling is better?" You can answer this way, the most reliable andfunctional are the digital security systems. However, this statement may be appropriate for owners of expensive and elite foreign cars that can afford it. It's not a secret that the security complex costs a lot. It would be ridiculous to assume that the owner of the "Zhiguli" will think "what kind of signaling with autorun to choose?"

Car alarms, which should be chosen by the owner of the car, should correspond to the class of the car and financial capabilities taking into account the conditions of storage and operation.

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