Following modern security trends provides for a white "Priora"


AvtoVaz expects to release a new model -white "Priora", the information about which we want to share in this article. The car will be equipped with a new platform, and it will have a completely redesigned design.

White "Priora" will be created on its own base,developed directly by AvtoVAZ, which means that engineers will not use solutions borrowed from other manufacturers, for example, from the Renaut-Nissan concern.

White Priora
In the car white "Priora", tuning allows forthe need to meet modern security requirements relating to the protection of passengers during both frontal and side strikes. For each passenger protection is provided by seat belts, there is an airbag for the driver, reliable floor thresholds and door bars made of steel are installed.

Additional measures have been taken to protectcorrosion, which provide a long period of operation of the body with the preservation of strength. The car will be equipped with a new platform, and it will have a completely new design.

White Priora hatchback

Clear geometric lines distinguish the outlinecar body white "Priora" hatchback, which reinforces the impression of lightness and swiftness. The body and details of the interior of the car are made using the method of mathematical modeling.

Lighting technology with a large area of ​​illuminatedThe surface provides clarity of light signals in different conditions, which increases the level of safety on the roads in general. In a single style, headlights and large lanterns with an oval shape are made - in full accordance with the trends of modern automotive fashion.

On the front bumper of the car white "Priora"in addition will place small fog lights. The exterior of the car will be complemented by an elegant radiator lining with a large company logo, on the front stands - moldings with a relief, which, when the glass cleaners work, will protect the windows of the doors from splashing.

White Priory tuning


Exact information about the car's white engines"Priora" yet. However, there is an assumption that they will be new units that will be built on AvtoVAZ, with a capacity of 1.8 liters. They will be able to develop power in 116-122 hp. However, it is possible that the new "Lada Priora" will supply powerful units from the Renault-Nissan concern.


So far, there is no specific information, but one can confidently say that both automatic and mechanical modes will be applied, according to some data, the variator is adapted from Renault.

In the updated "Prior" are planning to install newchairs, the company is already looking for suppliers of seats for the car. The main task is to improve the technical and consumer characteristics of the car.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning the timing of the newwhite machine "Priora". According to AvtoVAZ, the pilot version of the car should appear by the end of 2015. But in 2016 they will start producing the first cars from this series. Well, I want to hope for a new generation of "Priora". Maybe AvtoVAZ will finally release something truly worthwhile.

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