The most reliable SUV in the opinion of Warranty Direct


Recently, great popularityenjoy SUVs. In this regard, the ratings of these cars began to appear. An example of this is the study "The most reliable SUV". And the question of its reliability can be considered the most popular among those drivers who are going to buy a similar car in the future. After all, if any part fails, you will have to pay a very large amount of money for its repair.

What can be said about the reliability of SUVs

The most reliable SUV

The question of reliability was dealt with by specialistspopular company Warranty Direct. This organization specializes in quality assurance of cars. Naturally, the specialists of this company are not aware of all the possible malfunctions that may occur. But all the same, when compiling the "Most Reliable SUV" rating, they took into account a large number of various factors. The reliability index, which was the main in the research of the company's specialists, took into account the frequency with which problems occur, the cost of their repair, and the price of spare parts. Accordingly, those cars that break rarely, but have a high maintenance cost, could not get to the first lines, because they are not too economical.

Top Rated

The most reliable SUV in the world
Based on the results of the studiesit turned out that the most reliable SUV in the world - Honda CR-V. It not only very rarely breaks down, but the cost of its maintenance is not very high, in comparison with other models. On the second and third positions are Japanese cars Suzuki Grand Vitara and Toyota RAV4, respectively. If the car occupying the third place can boast of very high reliability, then the cost of spare parts is too high.

Outsiders rating

Most surprised car that tookthe last place in the rating "The most reliable SUV". It turned out to be the BMW X5. In addition to it, the outsiders include Volkswagen Touareg and Audi A6. So low they are located only because of the very high cost of component parts. Not every car enthusiast will be able to keep such vehicles in perfect order. Accordingly, and they will not last too long

What happens in the end

The most reliable car

So, what can be said about the rating "The mostreliable SUV "? The fact that this study does not apply to our country is its big drawback, because of which the quality of SUVs can be judged indirectly. But with the fact that in fact very highly appreciated not only the reliability of the car, but also the cost of its maintenance, it will not work. Can a car, components that are expensive, wear the title "The most reliable"? Auto is able to draw from its owner a lot of money for maintenance. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy a less reliable SUV, and to spend thus much smaller sums on purchase of accessories for its repair. When buying a car, pay close attention to the cost of all spare parts. It is possible that a liked off-road car will become for you an unbearable yoke on the neck. And this will lead only to unnecessary waste and to a lot of unnecessary problems.

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