Car alarm starline a9 - innovative technologies for car protection


Car alarm starline a9 istop model in the TWAGE line. It uses innovative work principles and unusual design solutions, so it can be safely attributed to modern Hi-End devices.

starline a9
At the core of the ninth starline alarm modellies the well-established previous model StarLine Twage A 8, which has powerful security functions and the ability to automatically remote start the car engine. The developers decided to keep the "nine" all the main functionality of the predecessor, expanding it with more progressive capabilities.

Start the alarm review starline a9 stands,of course, with the "cursor" principle of selecting the commands that the key chain can send. The owner of the car does not need to remember the numerous combinations of pressing the buttons - a convenient command menu on the keychain makes the control of the alarm system simple and very convenient. It is enough only to select the mnemonic image of the necessary command by moving the cursor over the display of the keyfob and pressing the button with the selected auto alarm function.

Range of remote action of model starlinea9 remained the same as other StarLine security systems. From the keyfob, the transmission of control signals in the open area is carried out at a distance of about 600 meters. And from the car key chain can receive messages at a distance of up to 1.2 km. Due to the original principle of dynamic coding applied in the keyfob, the system is reliably protected from interception of codes.

instruction starline a9
Detailed information about all functionsof course, the starline a9 instruction, but some innovations that appeared in this model deserve special attention. For example, one of the most interesting solutions by right can be called the function of automatic starting the engine "on an alarm clock". The key fob is equipped with a LCD display with built-in clock, timer and alarm, which allows you to remotely start the engine at the right time, just install it in advance. At the touch of a button on the key fob, the car owner can activate the engine startup. By the way, to perform this operation it is not necessary that the key fob is in the range of the car alarm starline a9. The engine will be started if even the car is parked in a remote parking lot, and an iron garage shielded from radio signals will not play any role.

alarm starline
The owner of the car can now choosethe duration of warming up the engine or assign a fixed time provided by the system (10, 20, 30 minutes). The autorun function works with temperature specific to a specific region. Thanks to the pre-programmed temperature chart, the alarm system independently selects the starting temperature of the engine in the range from -5 to -20 ° C. Taking into account the air temperature, the number of repeated starts also changes. In addition, with the help of a special remote sensor, the exact temperature of the engine itself is determined.

Feel the advantage of modern alarm starline!

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