"KIA Sorento" - tuning of the Korean SUV


"KIA Sorento" - this is very popularmedium-sized crossover in Russia. Immediately after the debut, it gained great popularity in the domestic market. Many motorists loved it for its attractive design and good running characteristics. But sometimes drivers want to refine their car "for themselves", using the so-called tuning. "KIA Sorento" (photo of this car you can see a little lower) after such work becomes more attractive and individual. In this article, we will look at how to improve this crossover with our own hands.

"KIA Sorento" - tuning with the help of "kenguryatnik"

Some drivers, in order to emphasizeoff-road qualities of the Korean "Sorento", set on it "kenguryatnik." But even with a huge assortment of car accessories for "KIA" manufacturers offer only two types of parts. Both are in the form of a chrome arc. The difference is only in their height (60 and 76 centimeters). Such a meager variety is explained by the fact that "KIA Sorento" initially does not harmonize with any additional protection in the form of "kenguryatnikov." Its elegant forms and noble design can not be emphasized in this way. Although for some car owners the installation of an additional bumper gives the car brutality. Judge for yourself, here is the SUV "KIA Sorento", whose tuning is to install chrome-plated protection arcs.

kia sorento tuning

It looks not quite organic. Such a rather "collective-farm" version of the SUV "KIA Sorento."

Tuning with the help of bumper protection

But this is quite another matter. Such accessories are very popular among owners of Korean crossovers, because they do not spoil the design of the car, but, on the contrary, make it more individual. In addition, the protection of the bumper is relevant from a practical point of view.

kia sorento 2013 tuning photo
When parking on the ground or snowthe "feed" of the machine will be in complete safety. The bumper and air intake will always be protected by chrome steel pipes. Among the huge assortment are the double design of arcs, straight and curved. In any case, a car equipped with such a detail will stand out against the background of other cars. By the way, new holes for such pipes do not need. All protection is installed on the regular mounts, so you definitely will not have problems installing the part.

"KIA Sorento 2013" - tuning. Photo of chrome-plated thresholds

tuning kia sorento photo

Such thresholds are often set by those whowishes to make landing in the car more comfortable and uncomplicated. But also as styling such adaptation will not be superfluous. Therefore, you can install additional side skirts for everyone. As in the case of bumper protection, this spare part is also attached to the regular bolts, which is a huge plus for fans of self-tuning. In addition to the thresholds, you can install aluminum pads (or buy ready-made with a kit) and "mud flaps." So "KIA Sorento" tuning will give a more formidable appearance, and chrome pipes will be less dirty in the mud.

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