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Renault Kengo, the car of the French concernRenault, has a multifunctional purpose. The car combines the level of comfort of a mid-range minivan, increased mobility in the all-wheel drive variant and the possibility of a truck designed for loading 550 kg. It is produced according to the standard of the all-metal two-door van, as well as with the station wagon in the scheme of two front swing, two rear sliding and one lift door of the luggage compartment. There is a modification of Renault Kengo with all the swinging side doors, but this car does not use demand, since the rear doors in the swing version create certain inconveniences in parking lots, parking lots and other places with limited space.

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Reno Kengo serial production, technicalthe characteristics of which fully met the requirements of that time, began in 1998, and the car immediately became one of the most popular models. Power steering, power windows, central electronic lock, ABS, airbags and, finally, air conditioning. All these technical additions attracted the buyer, and the rating of Reno Kengo has been steadily rising. The engines were several, petrol and diesel, of different power and volume. The transmission was also installed in several variants, four-speed automatic transmission, five-speed manual gearbox and semi-automatic without clutch release.

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Reno Kengo's first update took place in 2005year. Just in the period from 2004 to 2007, Renault adopted a new corporate identity, and Renault Kengo was one of the cars that came under the program. The basic equipment of the car included fog lights, the interior trim was radically improved, as a result of using a computer compilation of the color range of seat upholstery and interior door lining in the cabin, it became lighter and visually more spacious. In addition to interior improvements, it became possible to choose Reno Kengo with a plug-in all-wheel drive 4x4, which was very encouraging for many buyers living in the countryside.

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After the renovation Reno Kengo became a carincreased practicality, so to speak. The spaciousness of the car could accommodate even a large family, and the luggage compartment could load a considerable amount of things. The total volume of the cargo compartment's useful space was 2650 liters, and the reinforced rear suspension maintained a load of up to 700 kg. Exterior Reno Kengo consists of some noble lines, its external appearance speaks of the French origin. The car is distinguished by a harmonious combination of exclusive tail lights with practical contours of the entire rear part, and the refinement of the lateral lines fits perfectly into the free uninhibited front end design.

Engines installed on Renault Kengo, reviewshave only positive, their characteristics can not be better meet the tasks of speed optimization on the highway, and in urban conditions Renault Kengo motors demonstrate good acceleration. The engines D7F 8V and D4F 16V, with a capacity of just 1.2 liters, power of 60 and 75 hp, are reliable and predictable, launch is difficult only at 40 degrees below zero, at any other temperature the car starts easily.

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