Motor oil "Lukoil Super Semi-synthetic 10W-40": customer reviews


In the process of car maintenance, whichmust be carried out at a set frequency, it is required to change the lubricant for the motor. From the correct choice of the means depends on its full-fledged work. Therefore, the lubricant must have a certain list of characteristics.

One of the best on the domestic consumption marketmaterials recognized oil "Lukoil Super Semi-Synthetic 10W-40". Reviews about the presented facility are provided by experienced drivers and specialists. What characteristics are presented by the means, as well as the opinions of owners of different brands of cars, should be considered before buying engine oil.

general characteristics

To conclude the quality of the lubricant presented, it is necessary to consider characteristics of engine oil "Lukoil Super 10W-40". This product is produced by a domestic manufacturer.

Oil of Lukoil Super Semi-Synthetics 10w 40 reviews

The basis of the oil is semisynthetic. Its composition includes both mineral and synthetic substances. They are made in our country. The composition of the product also includes a set of additives. They are supplied by world famous manufacturers Exxon, Shell, Lubrisol.

Due to its special composition "Lukoil 10W-40" (semi-synthetic) has high technical characteristics. It is known as a high-quality, productive and high-tech oil for domestic and foreign motor vehicles.


Characteristics of oil "Lukoil Super 10W-40" (semisynthetic) show that theall-weather universal. It consists of mineral and artificial components. Due to this composition, the agent can be used for a long time. Viscosity indicators allow to apply it both in summer and in winter.

Lukoil 10w 40 semi-synthetic

The composition of the oil also included a balanced setadditives. These components provide good detergent qualities of the lubricant. A special formula allows the oil to envelop all the friction parts of the mechanisms, cover them with a thin film. This ensures good sliding, protecting metal surfaces from abrasion, mechanical wear.

Thanks to the additives that make up the product,particles of carbon and dirt are collected from all elements of the system and kept for a long time by oil in a suspended state. This prevents them from settling on rubbing mechanisms, preventing premature engine wear.


Exploring technical characteristics of the oil "Lukoil Super 10W-40", experts came to the conclusion that this is a quality lubricant, not inferior in its properties to foreign analogues on many points.

The kinematic viscosity index is 13.3-16.2 mm² / s at 100 ° C. The minimum viscosity index is 135 units. This fully corresponds to the world standards.

Motor oil Lukoil Super 10w 40 reviews

The flash point is also within the acceptable range.limit. It is about 205 ° C. The oil loses fluidity when the temperature drops to -35 ° C. This allows you to apply the product even in winter, in severe frosts.

The alkaline number is 6 units. This indicator indicates a low oxidizability of "Lukoil Super Semisynthetic 10W-40". Sulphated ash content, declared by the manufacturer, is 1.3%. The composition determines 0.12% phosphorus.

Laboratory research

Reviews of the oil "Lukoil Super Semisynthetic 10W-40" experts after an independenttesting in the laboratory. According to the results of the analysis, scientists came to the conclusion that this is a worthy lubricant for the established list of engines of cars.

The density of the agent was 0.871 kg / m³ at 200 ° C. As a result of the test, the kinematic viscosity was set at 13.79 mm² / s. It corresponds to the value declared by the manufacturer.

10w 40 semisynthetic

The sulphate ash content was even lower thanmanufacturer level. It is equal to 1,23%. Alkaline number is also slightly different from the declared indicator for the better. According to the results of the test, it is at the level of 9.09 units. This is a high figure.

Also for the better, the flash point (222 ° C) and freezing (-37 ° C) differed. This indicates a high quality of oil.

Application area

Reviews of the oil "Lukoil Super 10W-40" which scientists give aftertesting, talk about the advisability of using the tool in different motors. This lubricant can be poured into gasoline, diesel versions of technology. They can be turbocharged, forced or multivalve. Also, the oil is suitable for moderately boosted diesel engines.

Motor oil Lukoil Super 10w 40

Lubricant of domestic manufacturerseries "Super" can be used in systems with neutral catalysts of a new sample. However, its use in engines with diesel particulate filter is not allowed.

Oil is used in most regions of our country, where the winter temperature does not drop below -25 ° C and does not rise above + 35 ° C.

Due to their special qualities "Lukoil 10W-40" (semi-synthetic) Used in passenger cars, off-road vehicles,minivans, as well as in vans and minibuses. Also it is allowed to be used in medium and small trucks, loaders, construction and special equipment.


Motor oil "Lukoil Super 10W-40", reviews aboutwhich leave the specialists, corresponds to the world standard API type SG / CD. This indicates the possibility of its use in engines since 1993 of production, which operate on gasoline or diesel fuel.

Oil of Lukoil Super 10w 40 semisynthetic

The presented means received the admission forits application in cars "Mercedes", "KamAZ", "GAZ", "AvtoVAZ". When choosing lubricants for your car, you need to study the manufacturer's instructions. It clearly indicates which oils are approved by them for use in a particular engine system. Only in this case it is possible to ensure a stable, long operation of the motor.

If the original grease complies with the specified standards, "Lukoil Super" can be used in the engine system. It practically does not differ from foreign analogues.


Reviews of the engine oil "Lukoil Super 10W-40", which experts provide, talk aboutmass of advantages of the presented means before analogues. Its quality is high, and the price, compared to competitive compounds, is low. So, for 1 liter of the presented oil it will be necessary to give about 175-180 rubles. A can of 4 liters costs about 560-700 rubles.

Oil motor Lukoil Super 10w 40 specifications

The production of the present oil is 90%is carried out in our country. 10% of the cost is foreign additives. This allows you to significantly reduce the cost of oil. Inexpensive oil for this reason can be purchased at a bargain price.

The viscosity class of the lubricant allowsapply means in most regions of the Russian Federation. Its all-weather and versatility make the presented means popular and popular among domestic drivers. The qualities of the oil make it easy to start the engine in severe frost, and also to cool it in the summer.

Expert Reviews

"Lukoil Super Semisynthetic Oil 10W-40", reviews which is provided by experts, is recognizedhigh-quality product. A high degree of fluidity allows the lubricant to quickly fall on all elements of the mechanism. This significantly reduces oil consumption.

The motor starts in the cold period quicklyand easy. The motor is reliably protected from premature wear, abrasion of metal parts. According to the experts' opinions, the presented product cleanses practically all types of contaminants. Lubricant also prevents their settling in the system.

The high alkaline number that was setduring testing means, indicates a low oxidizability of the oil. It can be used for a long time. In this case, the substances in the composition do not lose their qualities for a long time. Due to reliable engine protection, the noise level is reduced.

How to distinguish a fake?

Motor oil "Lukoil Super 10W-40" It is very popular amongdomestic motorists. Therefore, many fakes of this lubricant have appeared. Unlicensed products differ in their technical characteristics from the original. Such a means can damage the engine, lead to the need to carry out its major overhaul or replacement in the near future.

To avoid this, oil "Lukoil" is necessaryto purchase from trusted vendors, at specialized points of sale. The canister of the original product is made of high-quality plastic. The seams should be neat, barely noticeable.

The cover is made of two types of plastic. Underneath is a tear-off ring. If you open the canister and remove the protective aluminum film, it will be seen that the container is made up of three different types of plastic. They differ in color. Also on the label is laser marking.

Negative consumer feedback

Oil "Lukoil Super 10W-40" (semisynthetic) receives in most cases positive responses (about 81% of the interviewed drivers). However, in 19% of cases the owners of vehicles claim that this product is not of high quality.

Complaints of drivers are associated with a low life of the lubricant. Low-temperature protection quickly comes to naught, because the polymer thickener works. It is a part of additives.

Also, drivers note the rapid burning out of grease,its insufficient detergent qualities. Experts argue that negative reviews may be related to the acquisition of a counterfeit or the use of consumables in an inappropriate type of engine. In this case, oil can interfere with the motor. To prevent this from happening, you should buy the oil from the tested vendors and apply it in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Positive feedback from drivers

Semi-synthetic 10W-40 Lukoil is recognized as a quality lubricantmaterial by the majority of domestic car owners. At its low cost, the technical characteristics are practically in no way inferior to foreign analogues.

Drivers note the long life of the product, as well as its good detergency. The motor does not accumulate dirt, deposits. In the cold start is made easily and quickly.

The consumption of gasoline and the lubricant itselfis decreasing. The engine is stable and quiet. Power is also increased. This is a reliable tool that is used by many drivers of domestic and foreign cars in our country.

Having examined the characteristics oils "Lukoil Super Semi-synthetic 10W-40", expert reviews, it can be noted that this tool is able to protect the motor from premature wear.

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