"Mercedes": SUV as an art


German car manufacturer"Mercedes" was formed in the distant 1866, when its founder Karl Benz designed a three-wheeled vehicle working on gasoline. Since then, Mercedes is firmly entrenched in leadership positions on the popularity and recognition of their cars. At first they were cars, and then the production of SUVs began. It is about them that the story will be conducted in this article.


Cars of this class have three generations,the last of which began to be produced in 2011 after the official presentation in Stuttgart - the heart of the company Mercedes. The SUV caused a wave of emotions, as it was incredibly refined. What is it worth only a new all-wheel drive system! And after a couple of years the crossover got a 7-speed automatic transmission. In addition, engineers have equipped the car with a completely new transmission, which became a hallmark of the company Mercedes. The SUV is an excellent solution if you want to get the maximum comfort from the ride - here everything is designed to the highest level.

You can be sure that the driving will depend on you, not on the quirks of the road.


The range of cars of this class is quiteyoung, because he exists only 5 years. Creating an SUV, the developers set themselves the goal to combine the beauty and elegance of the lines in one car, and they did it as well as possible, because the crossover has the same 7-speed automatic transmission. In addition, the suspension Agility Control, which is responsible for the automatic adaptation to the situation on the road. Now it was a pleasure to drive! This is the brainchild of the developers of the well-known company worthy of the title "Best Mercedes" -vnesorozhnik 2013 ".


Cars of this model range deservespecial attention, because they have everything in order for you to conquer new spaces: 7-speed automatic transmission, four-wheel drive, as well as the choice between diesel and gasoline engines. A notable feature of the GL-Class is that the car can accommodate 7 people at the same time - so did the developers of the Mercedes. You will like a SUV if you are not used to stopping before any obstacles.


These crossovers in one of their appearance giveunderstand that they will travel absolutely everywhere - for the G-Class there is nothing impossible. Description of cars of this class can begin with the fact that they have modifications, where the engine capacity reaches 5.5 liters. In principle, this can and finish, because the rest of their characteristics even imagine scary. But nevertheless it is necessary to tell, that the car in its order has super-strong bridges, a 7-step transmission, a full drive, and also a clearance in 21 sm that will be enough for realization even the most courageous desires. The G-Class from Mercedes is a new generation SUV.


In this article, a story about crossoversMercedes - cars that have gained popularity around the world. Speed, power, dynamics - all this characterizes the off-roaders "Mercedes", the model range of which is not very wide, but the company bribes with its quality, not quantity. And this is a very correct approach, because it provides popularity among car enthusiasts for a hundred and fifty years.

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