StarLine M32 CAN multifunctional security and monitoring system: main functions, advantages


Developers of modern alarms are suitableintegrated with the issues of vehicle safety. Many companies seek to integrate mechanical protection equipment and security access control systems. As a result, multi-functional telematics systems have been in the forefront for several years now, allowing the user to control the security equipment remotely. In the middle segment, a quality solution of this type is represented by the StarLine M32 CAN complex, which includes virtually all modern means of controlling car alarms.

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General information about the complex

The system is a security monitoringmodule for controlling alarm functions. Unlike standard proposals of this type, this package is aimed at the formation of effective communication between the user and security systems. In particular, the GSM module StarLine M32 provides the possibility of remote access control to the machine, and this is only one of the options that are offered to the owner.

The interfaces are based on CAN buses andLIN, which increases the reliability of communication between individual components already within the signaling infrastructure. However, these interfaces also have disadvantages, among which there are limited possibilities from the point of view of using separate models of cars in the electrotechnical structure. In other respects, the universality of StarLine M32 CAN can be noted. The price of the package on the Russian market is about 9-10 thousand rubles, so we can talk about the democratic nature of this decision. For example, premium telematics systems cost around 30-40 thousand.


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In addition to price availability, the offer ofStarLine a lot of operational advantages. For example, stable operation of the proprietary server is noted in conjunction with GPS satellite navigation. By itself, this option is available even for standard car alarms, but the StarLine M32 CAN gives extremely accurate positioning data - 3-5 m. At the same time, interaction with the receiver is realized even through a mobile device. The location information comes in the form of an SMS message. The advantages can include the detail of information that informs about the reasons for the alarm. This can be a disabling of the parking brake, and unauthorized opening of the hood with the trunk, activation of the shock sensor, etc. The user in such cases receives an alert not just about turning on the alarm mode in a particular format, but specific data recorded by one of the sensors.

Basic Functionality

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Now it is worthwhile to consider the basictools. First of all, the car owner gets the opportunity to put on a security mode, using the key chain or the same phone. Depending on the changes in the status of the security mode, the Slave option allows you to adjust the current alarm status. Further, like all telematic systems, this module offers the possibility of automatic or remote engine start. This is one of the functions that many use not only as an additional means of protection, but also as a tool for preheating the machine. Especially the preliminary autostart of the engine is actual in the winter. To do this, the StarLine M32 remote communication media - GSM, GPS and a connected phone are also used. On one of the previously programmed channels, preheating is realized. What is more important, the developers of the package decided a fairly common problem of incorrect interaction of security systems and a regular immobilizer. Usually, the latter comes into conflict with a system that blocks and starts the starter. By simple settings, the user can connect the bypass module of an immobilizer connected via a digital bus or via an analog connector.

Additional Features

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For budget security and monitoring systemsThe auxiliary functions are rarely envisaged - unless in the absence of some basic options like the one in the city. Still, the StarLine M32 signaling as a supplement is provided with a microphone, extended SMS notification, tracking functions, and recording of individual alerts.

As for the microphone, it allows you totime to listen to what is happening in the car. To do this, simply call the corresponding module with the SIM card alarm. Informing the StarLine M32 CAN not only affects the data about the alarm signals with the cause, but also allows you to monitor the battery charge, speed mode, calculate the mileage, etc. That is, information is associated with tracking counters, which in the future will give an idea of ​​the style of driving, possible errors and fuel consumption.

Installation Instructions

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Installation work is carried out with threecomponents - with a central unit, a GPS antenna and a microphone. The sensors are placed in accordance with the individual preferences and design features of a particular model - on the hood, the glass, in the vicinity of the engine compartment, etc. The unit is installed in a hidden place under the instrument panel. If possible, then it is desirable to integrate it behind the panel, and bring the functional elements out. In this case, close coupling with the radio tape recorder and other electrical equipment should be avoided. Next, the StarLine M32 antenna is installed. The installation instruction in this part recommends that you place it in the passenger compartment so that it is near the rear or windshield for effective reception. Before the final fixing of the antenna, make sure that the data transmission is stable and without interference. Therefore, the car during the installation should be on the street. The microphone is fixed in any convenient place - the main thing is that it is not influenced by direct airflows, and the distance from local sound sources is at least 50 cm.

Modes of operation

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The module supports three functional modes withdefined list of features and settings. The IM base mode assumes the operation of the system in conjunction with the StarLine signaling equipped with the SL-Data interface. In this format, the system automatically adjusts its functionality to the basic alarm settings. The CM mode allows combining StarLine M32 CAN with car alarms from other companies. In this case, arming is implemented at the time of receipt of the corresponding signal from the integrated alarm. And the third SM mode assumes the operation of the telematics system without a bunch of signaling.

Feedback from users about the complex

The system received many positive responses forwide functionality. The owners note the correct operation of the navigation module, and effective interaction with mobile applications, as well as the auto start of the engine. The disadvantages are mainly expressed in the mechanics of interaction between the power base and the control elements of the StarLine M32 CAN. Reviews, for example, indicate the need to install the manual for neutral, so that the possibility of committing autorun. Also, many people emphasize the difficulty in handling the access key, which has to be decoded every time the ignition is turned on.


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Offers from StarLine enjoy greatdemand in the automotive electronics market, which is due to the reliability and efficiency of such products. At the same time, developers are able to produce inexpensive equipment without significant weaknesses. Actually, these characteristics are confirmed by the package StarLine M32 CAN, the price of which is within 10 thousand rubles. To date, the module is slightly behind the demands of a discerning motorist, but it performs the basic capabilities of the security and telematics complex with dignity. In addition, certain shortcomings can be filled with the capabilities of the main car alarm system, which will operate under this system.

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