"Gilly MK Cross" - an unusual hatchback with a crossover exterior


What just do not go now worldmanufacturers to cajole the customer! However, the idea with a strange combination of crossover and city hatchback could come up only by the Chinese. Several years ago an absolutely new car debuted in the Celestial Empire, which can not be attributed to either crossovers or hatchbacks. The name of this "creation" is "Gili MK Cross".

gil no m cross


Of course, in order to create such aan unusual combination of two completely different cars, you need to work hard. The development of the new model lasted for months, until in 2010 the company's engineers proposed the final version of their "crossover" version. The exterior of the Jilly MK Cross really looks like a crossover, but in reality its dimensions are smaller than all existing cars. It is so low and short that it is simply impossible to confuse it with a hatchback. And if you refer the new "Gilly MK Cross" to the class of crossovers, you just did not see it live.

In the photo - a real SUV, with a highclearance, impressive headlights, light alloy wheels and a swift body. However, as soon as such a miracle appears next to a real crossover at a traffic light, everything becomes clear what's what and how.

If to be objective, the design of "Gilly MK Cross" is really magnificent. Anyone to the last will not understand that this is a light car of reduced size, until he sees it with his own eyes.

the characteristics of the gil ji cross

"Gili MK Cross" has in its line of enginesonly one unit. And this situation is not only in the Russian, but also in the world market as a whole. The Chinese did not have time (or simply do not want) to expand their line of motors, as the Germans from the Volkswagen concern do. That would also have a couple of engines - and there would be no otboyu from customers from abroad. Now the Gili MK Cross is equipped with a 94-horsepower 1.5-liter gasoline engine. Technical data is clearly adjusted for a car, so for its very uncharted (as for a jeep) curb weight of 1100 kilograms "Chinese" accelerates to 165 kilometers per hour maximum speed. There is no choice of transmissions here either. The buyer is not given anything, except how to choose a mechanical "five-step".

new gil no m cross

Is it worth it to buy?

Considering that "Gili MK Cross" in Russia is a phenomenonnot rare, you can hear from a lot of useful information and reviews of motorists. After exploiting the Chinese pseudo-crossover, many came to the conclusion that the best option for 389 thousand rubles is now simply not to be found on the market. Even the very "Priora" and "Grant" remain out of competition. And the quality of assembly in China is much better than it is now in Togliatti. Therefore, with respect to reliability, motorists do not make serious claims. The only thing is that when you run on Russian roads for a long time, the front desk often starts to knock, and this is not an isolated case. The suspension for our roads is not fully adapted, the "Chinese" behave rigidly in pits. However, given that in addition to 389 thousand is applied ABS, EBD, hydraulic booster and other devices, the Chinese "MK Cross" can be forgiven absolutely everything.

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