How to pump the brakes on the VAZ-2109 alone and with an assistant?


The braking system is a very important part of eachcar. It is on its serviceability that the safety of the driver and passengers depends. Therefore, such an important part of the system must be constantly monitored and corrected in time for its malfunctions.

how to pump the brakes on VAZ 2109
In order that it does not form an accumulation of air, it should be periodically pumped. And today we will consider how to properly brake on the VAZ-2109 with your own hands.

About air-blasting

If the brake pedal is pressed more and more easilysofter and with a return to the hardness of the stroke, then there is air in the system. Its presence is very dangerous, since it can contract under pressure. And since this fluid is not inherent, the effect of inhibition will not be. This often leads to serious accidents. And if you are faced with the above situation when you press the pedal, do not delay the solution for later.

Why is this happening?

From time to time when releasing the brake pedalair is taken from the external environment - it sucks through the damaged areas, and then it enters the liquid. Often this problem occurs every 6-12 months and is solved in half an hour. All you need is a fluid tank, a pair of tools and one helper.

How to pump the brakes on the VAZ-2109 with an assistant?

On cars of the ninth family, this operationis carried out in a certain sequence. Prorolling goes on a diagonal principle - first the rear right wheel, then the left front and back, and then the right front.

how to properly brake on the VAZ 2109

So, let's get to work. First, add the brake fluid to the MAX level (that is, to the maximum mark), then (if the rear discs are hung), unlock the rear brake pressure regulator with a minus screwdriver (insert it between the piston and the plate) and remove the mechanism. Next, clean the dust and dirt from the air release valve and remove the cap from it. On the valve head, put on a small rubber hose, and the second half is immersed in a transparent container, half filled with brake fluid.

Further we call the assistant, that he sharply pressed the pedal about 5-6 times with an interval of two seconds. It would be enough.

how to pump the brakes on a VAZ 2109 one

The pedal is then depressed. At the same time, we unscrew the exhaust valve for half a turn and see how the bubbles come from the hose. When they stop walking, we tell the assistant to let go of the brake pedal. So we continue to do with all the wheels, until all the air leaves the system.

After the product of all the aboveoperations wipe the exhaust valve fitting and put it on the cap. Everything, at this stage, the question of how to pump the brakes on the VAZ-2109, can be considered closed. As you can see, the work is not difficult. The main thing is to follow the sequence of the process and not let the air stay inside the system.

How to pump the brakes on the VAZ-2109 one?

We will need to purchase a special mechanismfor pumping the brakes. It is called "AERATOR". It can be found in almost any car shop or in the city market. It is worth such a device is inexpensive, about 80 rubles. At performance of works we connect a valve of a wheel with the valve on a tank. Next, we lift the car with a jack, remove the wheels and unscrew the brake bleeder. The air pressure created by us will expel all liquid from the car system.

how to pump the brakes on VAZ 2109
Similarly to the previous case, we first work with the rear right wheel, then move to the front left, then to the left rear and finally to the front right.

So, we found out how to pump the brakes on the VAZ-2109 alone and with an assistant.

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