The third generation of Kia Rio - specifications and design of new items


The third generation of the legendary carcar "Kia Rio" - this is probably the most successful sedan in the history of the Korean company, in which the developers have embodied all the latest technologies and latest developments. An attractive exterior, designed by world designers led by Peter Schreyer - is a certain highlight of this generation of Kia Rio. The technical specifications here are also at an altitude, which means that the novelty has every chance of leading the sales in the world market. And it really is - the new "Kia Rio", debuted in 2011, has become a cult sedan not only at home in Korea, but also far beyond its borders. To see such a car in Russia is by no means a rarity, and accordingly, we have something to talk about. So, let's take a closer look at the third generation of this legendary car.

kia rio technical specifications


Outside, the novelty has practically no similarities withits predecessors - its design was completely redesigned. And the laborious work was a success and now the sedan can boast of the presence of new, more aggressive body contours, updated lighting and a new radiator grille, which in its design resembles a lion's mouth. Now a modest family car has turned into a real sport car. But along with this, in terms of its pricing policy, it can be classed as a family car, which almost any driver can acquire. And you will learn the exact cost for this car a little later.

kia rio 2013

Kia Rio - specifications

The machine will be supplied to the domestic marketin two variations of gasoline engines, although a diesel version will also be offered for European consumers. But still let's return to our homeland and consider in more detail the range of engines that will be offered to Russia. So, the first gasoline unit will have a capacity of 107 "horses" and a working capacity of 1.4 liters. The next engine can develop already 123 horsepower at a working volume of 1.6 liters. Both motors are equipped with two transmissions - a four-speed "automatic" or a five-speed "mechanics". By the way, the whole line of engines complies with the norms of the ecological standard EURO-4.


It should be noted that with high-speedcharacteristics of the problems there is not a new Kia Rio. The technical characteristics of the engines are able to accelerate the sedan to hundreds in just over 10 seconds. This is quite normal for a family car.

kia rio Specs

Kia Rio - economy features

In terms of fuel consumption, the new "Kia" is not at allhas competitors. On the road the car consumes 4.9 liters per 100 km of run. In the city, this figure increases to 7.9 liters with a manual transmission and up to 8.3 liters with an automatic transmission.


The minimum price for the new Kia Rio 2013 modelof the series is about 490 thousand rubles. The maximum configuration will cost the buyers 679 thousand rubles. The hatchback will cost several thousand less.

Kia Rio - technical specifications and design of this Korean car speak for themselves!

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