Oil "Lukoil Super 10W-40" (semisynthetic): reviews, specs, performance


Engine oil protects engine components fromwear and tear. Even under especially unfavorable conditions this consumable material allows the system to work stably and fully. Today, the market for engine lubricants offers a huge selection of such tools. Domestic producer Lukoil has also developed several oil ranges. They are suitable for different types of engines.

One of the most popular is oil "Lukoil Super 10w-40" (semisynthetic). Reviews about this expense the material is given by technologists and motorists. Features of this tool, as well as its characteristics and technical indicators should be considered before purchasing.

Characteristics of the oil

Reviews of the oil "Lukoil Super 10w-40" (semisynthetic) say about the decent quality of domesticbrand. This remedy consists of synthetic and mineral components. Due to this composition, oil can be used in engines of a new design that operate under unloaded conditions or under the influence of periodic loads.

Oil of Lukoil Super 10w40 semi-synthetic reviews

The composition of the lubricant includes a special additive package. They are made by world-famous Shell companies, as well as Exxon and Lubrisol. Such components determine the main operational characteristics of the oil "Lukoil". They facilitate the fulfillment of the functions assigned to it with lubrication.

The presented consumable due to itsuniversality and reliability is used in the engines of domestic and imported vehicles. To understand the features of this tool, it is necessary to study its technical characteristics and composition.


AT oil "Lukoil Super" includes a certain set of additives. They dissolve in the base, which consists of artificial and mineral components. This allows you to produce a relatively inexpensive and high-quality product. It is suitable for a large list of engines.

Synthetics is a more fluid component. It ensures stable operation of the system in severe frost and heat. Mineral components make oil production cheaper.

Lukoil oil price

Complex additives used in the base,protect moving parts from wear, abrasion, corrosion and other adverse effects. Such components allow qualitative collection of particles of contamination from metal parts, and then retain them for a long time in oil. They do not settle on the surface during the entire life of the lubricant.


Characteristics of Lukoil oil speak of the compliance of funds with the standards established by the world community. On many points, the domestic remedy is not inferior to foreign analogues in quality.

The density is 876 kg / m3 at a temperature of 15 ° C. The kinematic viscosity at 100 ° C is 13.9 mm2 / s. The alkaline number is 8.4 mg KOH / g, and the sulphate ash content is 1.1% by weight.

Oil of Lukoil 10w40

The evaporability index also fits inestablished framework. It is 1.8% by weight. The flash point is at a high level. It is 224 ° C. The pour point of the oil is -36 ° C. All listed indicators are normal. Experts argue that this tool can withstand even high loads. It can be used both in severe frost and in heat.


An important factor that influenced the popularity of the presented funds among domestic motorists was the price of Lukoil oil. Thanks to the location of the company's production facilities on the territory of the Russian Federation, it was possible to significantly reduce the cost of the product.

Lukoil Oil Specifications

The lubricant presented on the market costs considerably less analogues. The quality of the lubricant remains high. Only 10% of the cost depends on the components of foreign production.

Price of Lukoil oil series "Super" is about 170-185 rubles. for 1 liter. A can of 4 liters is sold at a price of 550-700 rubles. This cost allows the oil to compete with world leaders in the production of consumables for engines in our country.


In addition to the "Super" series, Lukoil producesseveral other lines of semisynthetic means for engines. This approach allows you to choose the optimal version of lubricants for the engine available in the car.

One popular means on a semi-synthetic basis is oil "Lukoil Avangard". A can of 5 liters costs about 900-950 rubles. This product is designed for operation in four-stroke high-speed engines that operate under stressed conditions. The motor can be of atmospheric or turbine type. The Avngard series is intended for systems that operate on diesel fuel.

Lukoil Avangard Oil

The "Lux" series also includessemisynthetic means. They are used in gasoline and diesel engines of various designs. The cost of 1 liter of the presented product with a viscosity class of 10w-40 is 260-270 rubles.

terms of Use

Oil (semisynthetic) series "Super" is used in various categoriesengines. The system can run on gasoline, diesel. The motor can be a turbocharged, multi-valve or forced type. The system can also relate to the designs of the new sample, which have a neutral catalyst in their composition. For engines with particulate filter, the Super series is not suitable.

Semisynthetic oil

Stable operation of the motor is possible in the temperature range from +35 to -25 ° C. This indicator is suitable for many regions of the Russian Federation.

Oil is used in the engines of cargo andpassenger cars, in minibuses, minivans, and also off-road cars. Trucks, which use the lubricant "Lukoil Super", belong to the class of small and medium. Also it is possible to fill the presented means into the crankcase of special and construction equipment.

Which engines are suitable for oil?

Oil «Lukoil 10w-40» can be used in the manufacturer's specifiedsystems. To understand whether a tool is suitable for an existing motor, it is necessary to carefully study the manufacturer's instructions. The presented oil is manufactured in accordance with international standards. It can be used in systems that require SG / CD level lubrication. Such motors should be at least 1993 years old.

Lukoil oil semisynthetic

Due to its technical characteristicsthe presented means has received the tolerances of such well-known manufacturers as AvtoVAZ, KamAZ, Mercedes, GAZ. These companies tested the lubricant series "Super" and allowed its use in their engines.

Oil «Lukoil 10w-40» is designed for a climate with a moderate droptemperatures in winter and a hot enough summer. It is used year-round. The lubricant must be changed in accordance with the recommendations of the motor manufacturer.

Reviews of technologists and car mechanics

Oil (semisynthetic) domestic brand "Lukoil" ishigh-quality product. The "Super" series was recognized by experts as a worthy competitor to foreign peers. Good fluidity allows the oil to reach all the elements of the system in the shortest possible time. Thin, but durable film permanently covers details in the heat and cold.

When using the "Super" oil, the consumption is reducedfuel and consumables. The product cleans the system of soot and dirt. It works stably for the entire life of the oil.

The agent also has a low oxidizability. Due to this quality it can be operated in the system for a long time. It will not take long to replace the oil. The motor runs quietly, stably. His power always remains on top.

During the independent testing wasit is established that the lubricant characteristics presented by the manufacturer are fully consistent with reality. In some categories of parameters, the result was even higher than the declared result. This indicates a worthy quality of the presented means, as well as its high reliability.

Negative feedback from drivers

Among the drivers there are both positive and negative reviews about the oil "Lukoil Super 10w-40" (semisynthetic). Negative statements are much less. In the total number of them is determined about 18%. Drivers who left such comments, argue that the "Super" series does not differ in quality.

Users note a short period of oil exploitation. It quickly burns out, forcing the driver to pour the product into the crankcase again. Inadequate low-temperature protection was also noted.

Drivers say that when using oil"Super" on the details of the system accumulates deposits. All of the above statements may be due to improper use of the product or the purchase of a counterfeit.

Before choosing it is necessary to study the instructionmanufacturer of machinery, and also buy lubricant only in specialized outlets. Counterfeits of Lukoil Super periodically appear on the market of lubricants. This is due to the high demand for the drug in our country.

Positive reviews

Oil "Lukoil" (semisynthetic) series "Super" was noted in 82% of cases ashigh class, safe lubricant. High demand for this product confirms the results of the study. The quality of domestic brand oil is at the same level as foreign analogue products. The cost of "Lukoil Super" in this case will be much lower. Therefore, many car owners choose the presented means for the system of their vehicle.

Drivers say the product is differenta long period of work. It has a good detergent effect on the mechanisms of the system. The motor is protected from contamination by abrasive particles, soot formation. The engine is quiet and stable at the same time.

Having considered reviews about the oil "Lukoil Super 10w-40" (semisynthetic), as well as its performance characteristics,we can note the high quality of the presented product. It protects the mechanisms from abrasion, wear, ensuring their stable operation even under stressed conditions.

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