Diagnosis of engine faults - is it necessary?


Diagnosis of engine malfunctions is carried out,as a rule, at the maintenance stations that have qualified staff and equipment, it is capable of this operation. Modern cars should be diagnosed only in branded car care centers, as the technology of all brands is different. Of course, there are universal centers that are certified by various manufacturers. This certificate confirms the competence of the center in the field of these services.

engine fault diagnosis

Such equipment, as a rule, costs a lot of money, and its content is beyond the strength of small SRT, so the quality of service can not worry.

Diagnosis of engine faults can becomemuch cheaper. This can be achieved simply by using the inquisitiveness of one's mind. Sending a car to the service should be preceded by a simple engine diagnostics by candlelight, they can very much give out about the condition of the car.

No matter how difficult the engine of the car,no matter how much electronics they do not control, it has working parts that have the property of wearing out. This wear and can be determined by the color of the candles. It should be remembered that such a technique is applicable only to gasoline engines, as there are simply no diesel engines.

engine diagnostics and repair

Let's start with the worst - candle burnignition. If there is such a sign, then together with it you can see the oil consumption, as well as increased fuel consumption. In addition, the engine will become much smokier. All this indicates the wear of the piston group in the form of piston rings, as well as oil-removable caps. The oil simply enters the combustion chamber. Probably, it is not worth talking about the ways of repair.

Diagnosis of engine faults canIdentify not only the existing malfunctions, but also the "rudiments", which then become a serious problem. It happens that soot is observed on candles. It is also black, but easily erased. In this case, it is necessary to adjust the carburetor, or check and, if necessary, replace it. Here the problem lies in the fact that the combustible mixture is re-enriched with gasoline, which leads to soot formation on all surfaces in the combustion chamber. After adjustment, it is advisable to make sure that the fault is rectified and give the engine at medium and high revs.

Among other things, fault diagnosisengine can increase its life, because not all faults immediately disable the unit. With some, the engine can run for 10,000 km, after which it will "stand up". This situation will be a disaster for every motorist.

engine diagnostics by candle

There is also a reverse effect, when the gasoline in the mixture is not enough. Then the engine is difficult to start. On a twisted candle you can see a white raid. The solution to this problem is the same as the previous one.

Diagnosis and repair of the engine can beconducted at home, but this requires a solid set of tools, as well as enough time and effort. Do not interfere and knowledge in this area. If you do not have confidence in your abilities, then you should go to the maintenance station.

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