Design and specifications of Toyota Auris


In September last the framework of the Paris auto show. the public was presented with a new five-door hatchback of the second generation "Auris Toyota". The technical characteristics of this Japanese miracle have always been on top, which is confirmed by the successful sales of cars in Japan and Europe. Recall that the first generation of hatchbacks was produced from the middle of 2007, but at the moment the Japanese concern is engaged in the production of the second generation of "Auris", which we will now talk about.

technical characteristics of toyota auris


The new generation of cars designers have endowedmore sportiness, which is now present in almost all the details of the body. The front part of the novelty is adorned with slanted headlights of the main light with built-in navigation lights on the LEDs. The sporty image is also present in the shock bumper, which acquired a more muscular form and received from below a new "aerodynamic lip" with a trapezoidal air intake and stylish fog lights. Air ducts also changed their shape - now they seem to repeat the slope of lighting. Also in the car became more chrome. All this really gave her sportiness and aggression, and also improved the high-speed technical characteristics (Toyota Auris is now like a real sports car) thanks to streamlined aerodynamic body shape.


Compared with the first generation, the updated"Toyota Auris" has acquired a completely different interior design. Among the new details worth noting is the availability of a convenient steering wheel, a dashboard with two large dials and a color on-board computer, a new design of the center console. Also, the changes also touched the seats - now the first row of seats has a brighter profile, and stylish metal inserts are visible all around the interior. With the remaining length of the wheelbase (260 centimeters), the novelty acquired a more spacious interior. And although the cabin space has increased by only 2 centimeters, it is still a big plus for passengers' comfort. By the way, the trunk lengthened by 9 centimeters can now accommodate cargoes up to 360 liters.

auris toyota technical specifications


"Toyota Auris", intended for the Europeanand the Russian market, will be supplied in the previous line of engines. We are talking about two petrol units - 1.33-liter engine capacity of 99 "horses" and 132-horsepower engine with a volume of 1.599 liters. A 1.4 liter diesel engine will not be officially supplied to Russia. Among transmissions it is necessary to allocate a new box "automatic machine" and "mechanics" on 6 steps. Such technical characteristics ("Toyota Auris" in the body of the hatchback) will not be left without attention.

box of toyota auris


Well, while we go to the cost.The minimum price for a new hatchback in 2013 is about 734 thousand rubles. This price includes a 1.33-liter engine and a mechanical box. "Toyota Auris" with a gasoline engine with a volume of 1599 cubic centimeters and an automatic box will cost the buyers 815 thousand rubles. The cost of luxury equipment can reach 950 thousand rubles.

Looking at this cost, we can say that the design and specifications of the Toyota Auris will please its owner every day.

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