Salon VAZ-2114 and its features


In the continuation of the series "Samara-2" in 2001the domestic car industry presented a hatchback with five doors VAZ-2114. Distinctive features of the model are the front part of the body (headlights, grille, hood, bumper) and interior decoration.

Saloon and its features

Salon VAZ-2114 is equipped with a new instrumentpanel. There was a heater with an updated design, fog lights. Tinted windows. Power windows with electric drive. On the doors there are central locks.

salon of vases 2114

Steering wheel from the "ten".Steering column with adjustable. Thanks to this, the steering wheel does not interfere with a complete overview of the instruments on the panel. In addition, the driver was much more comfortable to settle, the steering wheel no longer interferes.

Due to the upholstery of light shades, the VAZ-2114seems more spacious. The seats are soft, heated. The fabric is pleasant to the touch. Rear seats can optionally be folded, turning a compact-looking car into a capacious cargo carrier. At the same luggage compartment increases from the standard 330 liters to a full 600.


In the car there is an europanel.Consists of two liquid crystal displays. Built-in off-shore thermometer. In the central part are hidden emergency signs, which, under normal operation of the car, look like an ordinary dark strip. Thanks to the new design of the panel, the ventilation of the cabin has improved (the problem of air supply to the deflectors on the sides has been eliminated).

interior lighting vases 2114

In the left corner of the panel there is a temperature sensor to prevent engine overheating. It is executed in the form of a scale on which the dangerous zone is marked in red.

Closer to the center is the engine speed scale (tachometer) in the range of 0-80. It has a yellow (increased crankshaft speed) and a red (danger in the engine operation) zone.

In the central upper part - signaling devices in the form of arrows, which flash green when the turn signals are turned on in the corresponding direction.

To the right of the alarms, a scale is displayed that displays the speed of the car. Calculated for up to 200 km / h.

The upper right-hand side indicates the amount of fuel in the tank. A little lower - signaling the inclusion of the dimensions and driving lights, as well as a signal of a breakdown in the braking system.

Interior lighting

The interior lighting of the VAZ-2114 interior includesa plafond on the roof of the car, a LED-lamp consisting of six diodes, and a backlight of the instrument panel. In addition, the glove box, the heater levers and the indicator of the hydro-corrector of the lamps are highlighted.

VAZ 2114 with his own hands

Frequent cases when the interior lighting VAZ-2114out of order. This is evidenced by the reviews of car owners. To eliminate this problem, a whole scheme of actions has been developed, which includes several tips:

  • Check if the lamp is working. The breakage of the fuse will not be indicated by a light bulb.
  • If the light is on, check the contacts on the door pillars.
  • Make sure that the current is coming to the contact.

Variants of tuning of salon

Salon VAZ-2114 is often subjected to changeson the part of car owners. Despite the good quality of materials, owners often compare VAZ with foreign cars. Naturally, the domestic automotive industry is inferior.

First of all, change the lining of the cabin. It changes not only the color, but the material itself. At the same time, the upholstery of the seats is changing (the covers are worn). In some cases, the seats are completely changed.

Change the upholstery on its own will not be difficult.You can start with sunshades. With removed visors, polyethylene is removed, which is laid out on the selected material from the inside. A contour of the part is drawn. Along the edges an indent is made of 1 centimeter, it is cut out. The cover is sewn, which, in fact, is put on the visor. Similarly, the skin of the inserts on the doors changes. Thanks to this simple method, the VAZ-2114 interior will become more presentable.

The instrument panel, which adapts to the general style of the salon, also has to be altered.

Tuning of interior lighting

Native lighting satisfies the desire farnot all VAZ-2114 owners. many of them independently change the fixed plafond to a lamp with a diode lamp. This is done with three main purposes:

  • possibility of brightness adjustment;
  • smooth light suppression with a delay of up to 8 seconds;
  • shutdown automatically after half an hour if one of the doors remains open.

interior lighting vases 2114

To install a lamp of this kind in the salon VAZ-2114 with your own hands, you should perform a number of actions:

  • the diffuser is removed from the regular lamp and the wires are disconnected;
  • removes the old body of the plafond (for this you need to unscrew only 4 screws);
  • The diffuser in the form of a plastic cover is removed from the LED lamp;
  • to the plug of a lamp on light-emitting diodes the car electroconducting is connected;
  • The new cover is fixed to the place and a diffuser is put on its case.

A few simple actions will help your "iron friend" to get even better appearance, which will surely attract the attention of friends and just passing by car lovers.

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