The universality of the Shtat Octavia owners reviews


Probably, the ideal car for buying a carConsider when he copes with all his tasks. Skoda Octavia is exactly the case. In fact, Octavia is the same Golf, but for more reasonable money. And it's just wonderful, because we know very well which car in the golf class is the most balanced. But Skoda is not only cheaper, it is even more practical. The car has really huge, like an aircraft hangar luggage compartment. As much as 1655 liters of volume with the rear seats folded.

Skoda Octavia owner reviews. Sergey K. Novosibirsk.

"I've been on Octavia for a year and a half and I love her more and more. Long chose a solid wagon and with the decision was not mistaken. "

In the past, Octavia largely bribed hermodesty. Restyling Skoda turned out completely different. From now on the design has a certain sense of high cost and gloss. In general, the body of Skoda Octavia has not changed, but the front part of the car has freshened noticeably. On the surrounding Skoda looks slanted headlights with an angry squint, equipped with a bi-xenon. And if the full face of Skoda is no longer recognized, then the aft part has changed not significantly. On the new rear bumper and lanterns, it's still easy to recognize Octavia, and, already a tribute to a powerful central stance, emphasizes the family belonging of the car.

Interior.Yes, this is not the old woman Octavia, which was before. Paradox - in the cabin changed a couple of details, and the perception was completely different. Comfortably arranged in luxurious leather and Alcantara seats, the highest quality of finishing materials is taken for granted. Climate control is now equipped with an automatic mode of air recirculation, and the navigation system with a touch screen has in stock 30 gigabytes of hard drive.

And if before the lighting of the instruments in tone resembled old tape recorders, now the panel is highlighted by a pleasant white light.

Skoda Octavia owner reviews. Andrei N. Moscow.

"Noble sedan for little money - this is what I need. Leather interior look great. "

Unfortunately, our compatriots remaineddeprived diesel versions of Octavia, but more popular in Russia, gasoline - a complete set. In addition to the rather old 1.4 and 1.6 liter engines of 80 and 102 horsepower respectively, Skoda offers modern turbocharged TSIs of 1.4 and 1.8 liters. New engines are supposed to use a new transmission. For turbo engines the concern has prepared seven-stage DSG robots, which are equipped with two dry clutches. The expense of Skoda Octavia is small for a car like this.

Skoda Octavia owner reviews. Igor A. Moscow.

"I have a charged version of RS. Most of all like that you can safely go on overtaking at any speed. "

And in the city and on the track feels excellenttuned Golf chassis. The machine is responsive, easy to control and predictable, but the course stability on the road, alas, is not ideal. Whatever the road was, in the cabin is comfortable and quiet. The pendant perfectly copes with its tasks while not allowing strong rolls in the bend. The charm of Octavia is that, depending on the mood of the driver, it allows you to quickly grab along the highway or move around the city in an impressive way. Sensations can only slightly spoil the faultless robotic gearbox. In city rhythm, it twitches even in a quiet mode, but with increasing speed, the tremors come to naught.

The biggest disadvantage of the Octavia School is itsuniversality. There are many versions, and all of them are reasonably-sufficient. Most of the needs of even the most demanding buyers are able to satisfy any modification of Octavia. Clearly, there is only one thing - whatever version you choose, it will cope with its duties "perfectly".

Skoda Octavia owner reviews. Ilya L. Tula.

"For an economical family car, it's better not to find a car."

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