Noise isolation of arches of wheels by own hands


The constant rumbling and noise of the car's suspension can turn any trip into a real test.

acoustic wheel arches
All these noises affect the driver's fatigue,increasing the risk of falling asleep while driving and losing vigilance on the road. In this regard, many motorists produce additional soundproofing of the body, as the effect of the regular is completely absent. And today we will consider how the noise insulation of arches of wheels is made by own hands.

Why arches?

noise insulation of wheel arches from the outside

Wheel arches - this is exactly the insidious place incar, where there is the greatest amount of noise. Judge for yourself, because during the ride you constantly hear the noise of the wheels inside, and sometimes even various creaking and tapping of the suspension elements. In practice, it appears that the noise insulation of wheel arches together with the trunk reduces the noise level by about thirty to forty percent.

Cooking tools

In the course of the work on the soundproofing of the car, we will need to have the following set of tools:

  1. Building hair dryer. Its presence is mandatory, since the power fromnormal home will not be enough. The best option is to rent it in a store for one day, since its cost is too high for such works.
  2. Rolling roller. This element will be necessary for us to pack soundproof material. Rent it does not make sense - it's better to buy it right away, especially since it costs not more than 300 rubles.
  3. Scissors for cutting material.
  4. Solvent. It can be both gasoline and ethyl alcohol. Alternatively, you can apply white spirit. It will be a more effective degreaser.

How is the noise insulation of wheel arches from the inside?

The first stage of work is the processing of arches from the insidecars. The essence of the paper is as follows. First, the surface is cleaned of dirt, degreased (a piece of rag, previously soaked in alcohol or gasoline), then the entire surface is treated with sound-absorbing material.

noise insulation of front wheel arches
It is best to use "Bimast".After that, the next layer of material is glued - "Accent". Due to this, it is possible to significantly reduce the noise of the arches and to stop the sounds coming from the outside inside the interior.

How is the noise insulation of the wheel arches from the outside?

You can use another method.Sound insulation of arches in this way is very effective, therefore it is gaining increasing popularity. How does this happen? Initially, the wheel covers are removed from the car, after which all the metal is cleaned from the factory anti-corrosion coating. Remove it is not so simple, so you can use coarse-grained sandpaper. Further, as in the previous case, we treat the surface with gasoline or alcohol and glue the surface with sound insulation. How is the noise insulation of the wheel arches from the outside? Materials for work choose only the best quality. It is best to glue the arches with a vibration dampener. This is the material "Bimast Bomb".

noise insulation of arches of wheels from outside materials

By the way, in this case, not onlythe arch itself, but also the underwing from the outside. So you will achieve the maximum result from the work done. If desired, it is possible to additionally treat the surface with a special foil splice. In stores, it is sold under the name "IzolonType". The thickness of this material should be about eight millimeters. This is the maximum thickness of "IzolonType".


When it comes to outdoor soundproofing arches,here the issue is acute with the appearance of corrosion. Since the wheel arches are constantly exposed to external factors (in the summer, dirt and water come from under the protector, and in the winter - snow), the metal is treated with thick mastic beforehand before applying the vibration dampener.

Liquid soundproofing

There is another way to reduce the noise of arches. He, of course, is not as popular as the previous two, but still consider it. This sound insulation is applied in the application of special noise-damping liquid preparations and compositions (like cannon fats and mastics). The main advantage of this method is that this composition perfectly absorbs some of the noise and extinguishes all external vibrations.

acoustic wheel arches

Sound insulation of arches to the maximum

It is possible not to stop at what has been achieved andto insulate arches even more. The essence of this method is as follows. If the design of your car does not provide locks (plastic liners), you need to buy them. From the outside, the metal is cleaned of dirt, degreased and the layer of the factory anticorrosion is removed. Next on the clean surface is applied composition Noise Liquidator. In addition to noise, it copes well with corrosion, so it is not necessary to apply mastic on top of it.

acoustic wheel arches

Purchased in the store fenders should be carefullyto glue with a powerful vibrodempfer. It is desirable that this material covers the surface of the locks by 100%. True, to work vibrodempferom need only the inner part of the fenders, that is, one that will come into contact with the arches, and not the one that goes "face" on the wheels. For even greater effect, we process the surface of the vibrodempfer with "Splen". Then you can safely install the wheel arch liner in place. Since the lockers are now soundproofed, standard pistons are unlikely to keep them in the arches normally (due to the large mass of plastic). Therefore, for reliability use self-tapping screws. Before screwing them into place, you should dip the screws in the anticorrosive compound, so that then there is no rust in the joints. Also it is possible to process drilled holes with anticorrosive or primer, but this is not necessary. Thus, we achieved the maximum effect from the works and reduced the noise level of the arches by almost half.


So, we found out how sound insulation is madefront wheel arches and rear with their own hands. Here we have described several ways of soundproofing - processing arches from the outside and inside. Which one to choose, it's up to you, but for better results it's better to use both methods.

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