Cooling system VAZ 2110, the principle of operation


In the machine, it is required to cool the engine parts that are exposed to heat as a result of work. Cooling system VAZ 2110 performs this task, and in our time also a number of other functions:

  • air conditioning and ventilation, heats the air in the heating system;
  • in the automatic gearbox cools the working fluid;
  • in the turbocharger cools the air;
  • in the lubrication system cools the oil.

Cooling system VAZ 2110 is liquid, its circulation is forced, pouring is carried out in the expansion tank.

Water with ethylene glycol is the basis formanufacturing of a cooling liquid. It freezes at very low temperatures and the structure itself creates an increased boiling point. The complex of added additives provides a delay in corrosion of the system, increases the life of the pump oil seal. The total fluid filling is 7.8 liters.

Cooling system VAZ2110.
The centrifugal pump provides movement throughout the system and is fixed in the cylinder block. It is actuated by a timing belt.

Depending on the temperature of the liquid, whichis heated by friction of the working surfaces of parts, the engine cooling system VAZ 2110 circulates first along a small circle, after heating starts its movement along a large. When a certain heating is achieved, the thermostat operates, "opens" and changes the direction of its movement. This is regulated by two valves located in the thermostat itself. The main valve controls the movement of the cooling mixture along a large circle, while the bypass valve controls the movement of the cooling mixture along a small circle. When one valve is opened, the other closes, and vice versa.

Cooling system VAZ 2110 injector.
Until the engine is warm, the bypass valve inthe thermostat is open, the coolant moves along a small circle, passing through the cylinder block, the throttle valve, the heater radiator. The heating radiator is mounted in the engine cooling system, the liquid passing through it heats the car interior.

When heated to 85 ° C, the thermostat valve opens(the bypass closes), at which time the heated liquid passes through both the large and small circles simultaneously. When heated to 102 "C begins to flow into the radiator, moving along a large circle. In the radiator from the air flow, it is cooled. At this time, the coolant passes through the radiator and the throttle. The VAZ 2110 engine system is designed so that when the air flow weakly cools the fluid, the fan automatically turns on the signal of the electronic unit that controls the engine.

Engine cooling system VAZ 2110.
With a strong heating of the liquid, its volume increases, the surplus returns back to the expansion tank, in which the valve is located, it will maintain the desired pressure in the system.

This is the VAZ 2110 cooling system. Injector or carburetor - there is no fundamental difference.

The fluid level must be checked with a cold engine, if it is constantly decreasing, you should check the entire system for leaks. Its full replacement is made every 75,000 miles.

Cooling system VAZ 2110 is reliable and rarely fails in its operation.

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