One of the most modern minivans is Opel Meriva. Reviews about it confirm this


The Opel range consists of a large numbercars, each of which is individual. This is a great Antara, and a compact Corsa, and even a minivan Meriva. It is on him that we now stop. Opel Meriva is a modern, high-tech and high-quality car. All these advantages and Opel Meriva differs. Reviews about this car will only confirm that the dignity of the minivan is not imposed. German quality, compliance with the requirements of time and a wide range of electronic assistants - this is what characterizes this Opel.

Opel Meriva reviews
The design of the car literally bewitches.The dynamic body is perfectly suitable for Opel Meriva. Reviews about this minivan literally full of information about the dignity of the exterior. Inconspicuous in appearance, the car looks just perfect when you look closely. Slightly aggressive headlights, a rounded radiator grille in the corporate style, swing doors, unconventional glazing, moderate ground clearance and a spirit of movement are the merits of the Opel Meriva design. The technical characteristics of this car completely correspond to its appearance.

opel meriva reviews
The interior of the minivan also does not sinserious flaws. All controls are in their places. The ergonomic center console confirms the designers' attention to convenience. An interesting rudder conveniently lies in your hand and helps you well with active driving in urban conditions. The driver of such a minivan is unlikely to be bored if he likes sharp maneuvers and a powerful motor.

Stylish instrument panel - this is also strongside Opel Meriva of a new generation. Of course, bright figures do not like mature customers, well, the youth are delighted with that. Landing in this minivan is typical for a car. Yes, the driver sits a little higher than the other participants in the movement, but this has its plus Opel Meriva. Reviews say that a slightly elevated landing helps when driving in traffic: you can anticipate the road situation in advance and turn to the line where the traffic is faster.

As for the sizes, the Meriva salon is huge.Of course, within reasonable limits. You will not consider that this minivan is more spacious than, for example, Audi Q7. However, Opel Meriva stands out among its competitors. Reviews it again confirm that this minivan is perfect for shopping and trips to the country.

Opel Meriva specifications
In a word, Opel Meriva is a universalminivan for daily trips to work and to the store. This car has a spacious interior, and therefore it can be traveled by the whole family. Meriva's advantages include modern engines, a large list of additional equipment and a fine design. Many owners of the German minivan celebrate unique design solutions that give it an original and stylish look. They make Meriva aggressive, and this increases its popularity among young buyers. Therefore, we can say with certainty that Opel Meriva has all the chances for financial success. Reviews of the vehicle only confirm this.

The price for Meriva starts from 625 thousand rubles.In other words, this car is a little more expensive than a mid-sized sedan. But if you compare the Ford Focus with the latest generation of Meriva, then the difference in price becomes clear. At least, it is due to a more powerful engine.

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