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The debut series of Japanese sports urbanthe Kawasaki Z800 bike, reviewed later, was released in 2013. Motorcycles of this segment are designed primarily for customers who choose the unit in appearance, without forgetting about the technical parameters. The sharp two-wheeled vehicle stands out prominently in the traffic flow, worthily continues the history of its predecessor. In many respects, thanks to the orientation to the Z series, the motorcycle in question continues to be on the tops of its class ratings. We will study in more detail its design and driving qualities, as well as feedback from owners.

kawasaki z800 reviews


In the exterior of the Kawasaki Z800, reviews of thisconfirm, immediately noticeably the lack of volumetric fairings. In this regard, the vehicle is classified as a "naked" or "naked", although this is not entirely true. It combines several variations inherent in urban and sports modifications.

From rushes of a wind and drops of a rain the rider protectssmall visor above the instrument panel. This node, combined with the front light element of an angular configuration, forms something like the head of an alien or a huge insect. The instrument panel is equipped with a digital display, quite informative and relevant. Aggressive bike add exhaust pipes, specially placed with emphasis on space under the power unit. The shape of the muffler combines classic and futuristic stylistics. In general, Kawasaki Z800, the reviews additionally prove this, has a balanced, rather aggressive and complete image. In many ways, this became possible due to the popularity of the previous model, as well as the large-scale and progressive ideas of Japanese designers.

Advantages and disadvantages

The considered bike belongs to a category that can not be a priori a failure. However, users and specialists noted particularly notable advantages and some disadvantages. Let's start with the pluses:

  • Aggressive modern appearance.
  • Reliable and powerful power unit.
  • Democratic price.
  • Excellent maneuverability and controllability.
  • Good dynamics.
  • The battery for a motorcycle has a high capacity and a long working life.

Battery for motorcycle

The minuses include a small amount of fuel tank,relatively active wear of running parts, absence of lateral fairings. Some users are unhappy with a particularly aggressive exterior, but this moment is for an amateur. If you consider that this "neyked" belongs to the category of urban modifications, the disadvantages can be attributed to the claims of particularly picky users. It should be noted that on the sports track "Kawasaki 800" shows good results.

Kawasaki Z800: specifications

The following technical parameters of the considered bike are presented:

  • Length / width / height - 2,1 / 0,8 / 1,05 m.
  • Weight - 229 kg.
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 17 liters.
  • Cylinders are four row-arranged elements.
  • The power unit is a four-stroke engine with a capacity of 806 "cubes".
  • The speed is 8,000 rotations per minute.
  • Piston movement - 50,9 mm.
  • The cylinder diameter is 71 mm.
  • Cooling is liquid type.
  • Power - 113 horsepower.
  • The maximum speed of the Kawasaki Z800 is 230 km / h.
  • Start - the electric starter.
  • Transmission - the mechanics for 6 ranges.
  • Clutch is a multi-disk node.
  • The frame is steel.
  • Injection - injector.
  • Suspension - a telescopic inverted fork in the front and a pendular mono-amortization from the rear.
  • Brakes - hydraulic disk unit.
  • Tires (front / rear) - 120 * 70/180 * 55 (ZR17).

kawasaki z800 manufacturer

Power unit

Manufacturer Kawasaki Z800 equipped it with a new800 cc motor. It represents a cardinally revised unit, which was used on the 750 series. The diameters of the cylinders and valves were increased, the lubrication system became more productive, and the timing case became easier. The total economy in mass was not less than a kilo, in comparison with its predecessor.

The main "feature" of modernization lies in theincreasing the torque at all revs. Designers deliberately did not increase the capacity potential to the maximum, providing a dynamic ride, regardless of the speed. In addition, the developers increased the transmission ratio of the chain transmission by equipping the bike with an element with 45 teeth instead of 43 ones. Transmission almost did not change, because they did not need them especially.

Chassis and brakes

Review Kawasaki Z800 continue to study itbasis. The steel frame has become wider, the motor is included in the power structure, additional rigidity is provided by the characteristic spacers, surrounding the engine.

Rear pendulum suspension increased by 12millimeters, aggregates with a mono-damper and an improved valve system. The possibility of individual adjustment allows you to adjust the preload of the damper and spring. This option is only available on the upgraded version. The simplified version is equipped with a stable analog.

 standing motorcycle

Brake bike equipped with calipers with fourpistons that allow you to quickly stop the technique, although they can not compete in performance with sports analogs. The basic anti-lock braking system makes it possible to make braking as safe as possible. The size of the petals on the brake discs is increased to 310 mm, which adds to the performance of the unit.


Ergonomics of the motorcycle in question remains onthe highest level, in the traditions of the old Japanese school, which assumes the availability of elements and details in the most accessible and convenient places. Excellent fit is provided by a good contact with the seat, and also by a rather high and wide steering wheel. The configuration of the tank allows you to harmoniously merge with the "sidushka" into one, guaranteeing comfort for long trips.

The fact that "Kawasaki Zet-800" is worthwhilea motorcycle, is further illustrated by an informative instrument panel with a wide range of functions. In addition to the basic parameters, the driver receives information about the fuel consumption, the possible distance that can be traced on its balance. The center of the instrument panel resembles a device made of fantastic films, equipped with a liquid crystal tachometer. With increasing speed, the strips become larger in size, which ensures their excellent visibility. Lovers of the standard dial dial will have some time to get used to the innovation.

kawasaki z800 price

Test Drive

A trip on this motorcycle gives an unforgettable andbright sensations. First and foremost, it is worth noting the excellent performance of the motor, which provides excellent dynamics and information. The power unit spins up almost instantly. For example, you can easily accelerate from 60 km / h at the sixth speed to 200 km / h by simply adding gas.

Kawasaki Z800, whose price on the domesticthe market starts from 600 thousand rubles, surprises with excellent handling and maneuverability, despite the fact that many of its weight is considered excessive. The device excellently showed itself both on city streets and on mountain serpentines, demonstrating perfect course stability, thanks to a wide handlebar that facilitates driving and changing direction at low speed.

The motorcycle battery together with factorycalibrations can be attributed to almost ideal parameters. The bike is stable in different modes and types of roads, so it is unlikely that the user will want to adjust any parameters.

kawasaki z800 review

Comparative characteristics

If we take practical differences between the modelZ750 and Z800, it can be noted that the latter variant received objective advantages in all nodes. The updated model is more dynamic, beautiful, convenient and balanced. Special attention is required for bike tires, which provide reliable grip even on wet asphalt.

The 800 series is convenient and practical in everydaydriving, economically consumes fuel. This figure is about 6 liters per 100 kilometers of track. The manufacturer offers a lot of optional "lotions". Among them: the ability to complete the windshield, the enlarged steering wheel, the presence of trunks, heated steering handles. This solution makes it possible to transform the technique to specific individual tasks.

Among the modifications it is worth noting a simplifiedversion under the Z800E index. It is designed for the European market, which, according to legislative regulations, does not implement modifications of power over 100 liters. from. in many EU countries. This model is equipped with a motor power of 95 "horses", and the front brakes are equipped with calipers instead of four pistons.

Kawasaki Z800: reviews

The feedback of buyers confirm thatthe motorcycle in question is designed for a wide audience. The reasons for this conclusion are obvious. First, the bike has a stunning exterior, given to it uniqueness. Secondly, all systems of the unit are balanced, complement each other and perfectly at the same time interact. Finally, the price of this "iron" two-wheeled horse is optimally combined with the proposed quality.

 kawasaki z800 top speed

A chic look of a motorcycle, dynamic, excellentbody kit, high speed and easy landing. All these factors make Kawasaki Zet-800 popular throughout the world. If you are a fan of motorcycles, combining urban and sporting inclinations, a better candidate than the Z800, it will be difficult to find, especially considering the cost and proposed characteristics.

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