Crankshaft sensor VAZ-2114: purpose and replacement


A modern car is aa set of many different parts and systems, each of which plays its specific role. And some of them not only perform the controlling function, but also synchronize the phases of gasoline injection and the supply of an electronic pulse to ignite the fuel-air mixture at a certain moment.

crankshaft sensor VAZ 2114
It becomes obvious that the malfunction of one of theSuch details can significantly affect the technical condition of the entire car. And today we will pay attention to one of the smallest and most important parts in the car - the crankshaft sensor.

Symptoms of malfunctions

For sure, every motorist knows how muchimportant is the role of the crankshaft sensor in the machine. In the event of a malfunction, the engine will not be able to start, but it is possible to determine in advance the future failure of this part by the following features:

  1. At idle the unstable operation of the engine is noticeable.
  2. When driving, there are "dips" in the acceleration, the car begins to lose power.
  3. Spontaneous raising and lowering of the number of revolutions of the crankshaft ("floating" turns).
  4. Detonation during acceleration or driving uphill.
  5. Difficult start of engine even "on hot".
    malfunction of the crankshaft sensor VAZ 2114

The cause of all this can serve as damage to the sensor winding, as well as violation of the integrity of the wire and connections of the device as a whole.

How often does this happen?

Should the crankshaft sensor be broken at all?VAZ-2114, like all of its successors, is supplied with fairly reliable sensors. Therefore, their failure is a rare phenomenon. Most often, the failure may be due to factory failure or mechanical damage to the part. In addition, malfunctions of the VAZ crankshaft sensor of the 2114th model are caused by pollution in the hood space itself. And if the first two factors do not depend on the driver, then the cleanliness of the engine compartment should be regularly monitored. It is a large concentration of dust and dirt that can exacerbate the work of the DCD in the car.

crankshaft position sensor VAZ 2114

What else can be provoked by a breakdown of such adetails, like the crankshaft sensor? VAZ-2114, as we said earlier, is equipped with a fairly reliable DPCV, so there should not be any talk about its natural wear and tear. Often the sensor breaks down due to unauthorized leakage of engine oil, especially at the place of installation of this element. If you notice that there are traces of liquid on the body of the oil pump, you must immediately remove them. Otherwise, the sensor failure will be unavoidable. Pay attention to the fact that the elements in the engine compartment are constantly subjected to various temperature differences. This can be one of the most likely causes of failure of such a detail as the crankshaft sensor.

VAZ-2114: checking the quality of joints of parts

But what if in the under-hood spacethere is no dust, no trace of oil leakage? In this case, it is necessary to check the quality of the connections and the contacts between the parts and the wires. Remember that insulation should not have any bare wires or damage, and contacts should always be clean and cleaned. It is possible that the failure of this element is caused by the oxidation of the wires.

The crankshaft sensor VAZ-2114: how to check the serviceability of this part?

If this device has stopped working orfunctions with interruptions, do not rush to change it to a new one. First, diagnose the functionality of the old sensor. And it's not just about saving money, because even with a new detail, sometimes this problem does not go away. Agree, what is the use of replacing it, if the cause is hidden in the contaminated contacts of the connections? And to check up working capacity of an element it is possible only after its dismantle. It is not difficult to do this: first turn off the ignition and remove the terminal plug with the wire, then unscrew the sensor mounting screw and take this part out. It should be noted that this element is kept by only one bolt, which is connected to the oil pump cover.

replacement of the crankshaft sensor VAZ 2114

After we removed the position sensorcrankshaft, VAZ-2114 can be left in the garage, and the part itself must be separately diagnosed. Here we need an ohmmeter. With this tool, we will check the resistance of the sensor windings. Ideally, the ohmmeter reading should be between 550 and 570 ohms. If the data obtained differs from normal to a greater or lesser extent, it is more likely that the part is faulty. In this case, only the replacement of the crankshaft sensor will save. VAZ-2114 is very easy to maintain, so you can change the DPCV yourself, especially since the old one has already been removed.

How is the sensor installed?

First clean the installation site of thedirt and dust. How to install the new crankshaft position sensor? VAZ-2114 is disconnected from the on-board network (not necessarily), and the part itself is fixed to its original place and twisted to one screw. After that, a connector with a wire is put on it. All, at this stage, the installation of the crankshaft position sensor can be considered complete. And finally, a little tip: if you are going on a long trip, you will purchase a spare DLC in advance. Places in the trunk, it almost does not take, and if you have it, you will always know that you will reach the destination on time and without a tow truck.

replacement of the crankshaft sensor VAZ 2114

So, we found out how to make a replacementcrankshaft sensor. VAZ-2114 and VAZ-2115 have almost the same design, therefore, such an algorithm for installing the DPCV can be used not only on the 14th Lada.

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