Reviews of owners of SsangYong Actyon Sports, description, specifications and features of the car


In 2006, there was a liftback calledSsangYong Actyon. The South Korean company managed to create a good compact crossover, but many people wanted to have something more practical in their garage. Because it was decided to start producing the same model, but in the back of the truck. In order to distinguish them it was simpler, the name of the prefix was added Sports. Expectations of manufacturers were justified - the pickup quickly became popular.

Briefly about the model

To begin with it is necessary to say that it representsa car before paying attention to the owner's feedback. SsangYong Actyon Sports is a machine with universal capabilities. First of all, this car is practical. The weight of the towed trailer can be up to 2,300 kg. And the pickup has a strong cargo platform, the dimensions of which are 1 275х1 600х525 mm. This part, at the request of the buyer, can be equipped with a kung-construction to close it, with which the car becomes like a crossover.

owners reviews ssangyong actyon sports

By the way, the design of SsangYong is impressive.In the lines of his body laid dynamics, brightness and even some sportiness, which successfully emphasizes the expressive form of optics, neat fog lamps and mesh radiator grille.


About them a lot of information contains feedbackowners. SsangYong Actyon Sports was equipped with a 2-liter 141-horsepower turbocharged diesel engine. Thanks to such an aggregate the car could accelerate to 161 km / h. And marks in 100 km / h the arrow of a speedometer reached 14 seconds after start. The dynamics are not particularly impressive, but the fuel consumption is small. At 100 kilometers, traversed along the highway, takes 6 liters of DT. In urban mode, the flow rate increases to 11 liters.

ssangyong actyon sports owner reviews

But the systemthe connected all-wheel drive Part-time 4WD. It is about her most often tell the owners reviews. SsangYong Actyon Sports can work in three modes. The first is a rear-wheel drive, 2WD. It provides fuel economy and is used when driving on ordinary roads. But if you have to move on a slippery surface or off-road, then the all-wheel drive mode is activated. It's called 4WD High. The third mode involves moving with the all-wheel-drive on and a reduced number of gears. It is called 4WD Low. And this regime really helps when driving on heavy off-road.


They also tell about this important nuancepeople leaving feedback. Owners of SsangYong Actyon Sports in terms of security completely satisfied. Particular attention is paid to the clearly working system of road holding, which always responds in time to the condition of the road surface and the position of the car. ESP keeps under control not only engine power, but also the intensity of braking. If the driver suddenly finds himself on the verge of losing control of the management, the system will help him out.

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The ASP option also deserves praise.This is a rollover prevention system, which is activated when passing sharp turns and at high speeds. ASP regulates the braking forces on all wheels and the torque of the power unit. And many people consider the help system to be useful when starting on the rise. Due to its presence, the machine does not roll back. The system contributes to the retention of effort on the brakes, which affects not only safety and eliminates the likelihood of an accident, but also facilitates the management process.

Interior decoration

Left about SsangYong Actyon Sports 2012 reviewsowners contain very detailed comments regarding the interior of this car. As you know, pickup trucks are usually not very spacious inside. In this model, the opposite is true. Inside there is enough space for comfortable accommodation of the driver and his passengers. Behind themselves, only two people will feel good, although three will fit. They will be especially comfortable if they drop a wide armrest in the center of the rear seatback. By the way, we can not but rejoice at the inclination available at the back of the couch. Usually they are direct pick-up trucks.

ssangyong actyon sports 2008 owner reviews

Many people note the excellent factorynoise insulation and climate control. In the winter, the cabin warms up quickly, and in the summer instantly cools. The steering wheel is worthy of special praise. He is very light and obedient, and when driving on the asphalt, it seems that the car slides on the ice. By the way, ergonomics in the cabin is at a decent level. All controls are in their place, so that many people are guided in time by touch.


Each car has both pluses and minuses.Is not an exception and SsangYong Actyon Sports. Owner feedback is a direct confirmation of this. Many do not like the review from the driver's seat. The owners say that the slope of the windshield and the excessively wide front pillars are severely hampering. However, thanks to these same features, the pickup has a high roof, providing plenty of space above the heads. Therefore, the point is controversial.

owner feedback on the new actyon sports

And that is a clear defect, so this isreluctance of the engine to run into frost. If the street is colder than -20 ° C, then you will have to suffer for a long time, so that the machine will finally start. Another disadvantage is the absence of a shock sensor in the alarm. A radio tape recorder does not support modern formats. But since the cost of this audio installation and alarm is included in the price of the car, the buyer can not refuse them.

Operational nuances

What else is said about the SsangYong Actyon Sports pick-up truckreviews of the owners? Many recommend taking responsibility for the EGR system responsibly. It helps to minimize the toxicity of exhaust and requires regular cleaning procedures. Another obvious drawback is the low-lying generator. In this regard, the owners of the pickup truck are forced to travel as gently as possible through slush and bad coating, because the risk of getting dirt on the brushes is too high. Because of this, they usually begin to spark and spoil the rings. As a result, a generator repair is required. And in view of the lack of a podkapotnogo space, carrying it up is not possible.

reviews about ssangyong actyon sports virtues

But this is not all that can tell the reviewsowners of the new Actyon Sports. People say that this car has non-assembled stub bearings. And if one of them goes out of order, then the replacement will have to expose the entire hub as a whole. Also the model has weak springs. They sag significantly during operation. And the rear springs are not designed for the passage of unevenness and heavy terrain. They are made of a rod 1.3 cm thick. Quality subsequently manifests itself. And after some time, the loaded car practically lies on the bumpers. To correct this trouble it is possible, if to replace springs and to establish spacers under them.

What else should I know?

Left about the pick-up SsangYong Actyon Sports 2008reviews of owners allow to fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of this car. People claim that these machines have good overclocking dynamics, high economy and good power. Diesel unit, standing under the hood, is one of the most effective among its analogues of its generation. But at the same time this pickup has a weak geometric patency. If you compare with the off-road vehicles, then Actyon Sports is too small angle of entry, and not enough ground clearance. Many correct this nuance, overestimating the suspension and installing wheels of a larger diameter.

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However, this is not all that can tellfeedback on SsangYong Actyon Sports. The advantages that this car possesses are important. Everyone knows that in the course of operation, there can often be problems with timing. So, not in the case of Actyon Sports. On engines of this model, contrary to modern trends, a durable and reliable chain drive is installed.


Finally, a couple of words should be said about the price, bywhich today can buy a car "SsyanYong-Action-Sports." The feedback left by the owners about this car, many people suggest that it would be nice to buy it too. A pickup in good condition can be bought for 500-600 thousand rubles. And this is really a modest price for a practical and functional car, which due to its versatility can be used for almost any purpose.

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