Opel Astra (2012 g.V.). Description


One of the most difficult tasks isremake of a youthful bright hatchback in a family car. This was very successful in the designers of Opel Astra. The new design has not reduced the functionality of the car, so the trunk in the Opel Astra 2012 in a volume of 460 liters, which certainly allows you to place in it not only a few large bags or boxes with seedlings, but also a baby carriage.

Opel Astra 2012

Of course, everyone will wonder whether there is enough room in the car and whether it is suitable as a family sedan, because the capacity of one trunk is small.

It can not be said that the seats in the Opel Astra2012 is very much, but in any case more than in the Ford Focus, for example. And, accordingly, less than, for example, in the Peugeot 408. For a more comfortable trip of passengers in the back seat, the driver and passenger in the front seat will have to go a little stiffly, that is, they will not be able to lay themselves in their chairs without compromising the comfort of seated back. But you do not have to rest your knees on the front panel, sitting in front.

Unfortunately, there is another rather big minusThe presented car is a relatively low roof. For passengers of high growth, only a couple of centimeters remain in reserve, so that they do not rest against their heads. And if you take into account the state of Russian roads, then this passenger can only sympathize with the first significant hummock. But in justification of this model, you can say that landing behind the wheel is very convenient, there will not be any problems. The seats in this sedan are very comfortable, they have a pillow that is adjustable in length and developed lateral support.

Opel astra new

Also, the interior of the Opel Astra 2012 pleasantly pleases notonly modern design, but also high quality materials used in the finish. To use the multifunction console, you must first remember the location and meaning of the numerous buttons. The creators of this model are convinced that the matching of each function to a separate button is much more convenient and less distracting to the driver while driving, so you will have to try very hard to find the button you need.

In the current model, the turbinethe engine in volume of 1,4 liters. Its power is 140 horsepower. Has a six-speed automatic transmission, which in combination with the engine allows the car to quickly gain speed.

But even here there is a significant minus.The matter is that when braking the Opel Astra car is not so supple, and for this you have to put considerable effort. But also you have to adjust to pressing the brake pedal to the "golden mean", since at first the braking will either be too sharp or insufficient.

The steering wheel in the presented sedan is similar to a steering wheel Chevrolet Cruze, that is possesses similar "airiness", at rectilinear movement it is required to tax a little bit always.

car opel astra

Still in the line of Opel Astra 2012 is producedThe engine (gasoline) in volume of 1,6 liters. Its power corresponds to 180 horsepower (torque - 230 Nm). This type has the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in about 9 seconds.

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