There was a scratch on the machine. How to fix it?


Unfortunately, there is nothing eternal in the world, andsooner or later, every car has to be tinted. If the scratch on the machine has appeared due to an accident, hooliganism or negligent exploitation, do not run to the service center and order expensive painting services. Eliminate the deformation on the body and you can, most importantly - have the desire and a minimum set of tools. And today's article will help you cope with this problem.

scratch on the machine

Preparatory process

After learning how to eliminate a scratch on the machine, weFirst, prepare the damaged surface for painting. To do this, thoroughly wash the body and degrease it. If rust appears on the surface of the metal, we remove it with sandpaper. In this case, it is not necessary to handle the factory paint that has survived near the scratch. After all these procedures you can start working.

Instruction for the elimination of defects in paintwork

First we need to apply the putty on the body. If the scratch on the machine is negligible, use a two-component polyester material. After the putty is applied to the surface of the body, carefully level it. While it dries (about 10-15 minutes), take a rubber spatula and gently level the surface. Excess shpaklevku must be removed from the surface. To make the surplus as small as possible, apply the material extremely carefully, in a thin layer.

than to scratch the scratches on the machine

After the putty dries, a scratch on thethe machine will no longer be visible. But this is not the end of our work. Next, we need to sand the surface. This is done so that the body has no prominent irregularities and roughness. How to scratch the car? To achieve the desired result, we use a coarse-grained sandpaper. Then go to fine-grained. Slicked up to that state, when the body will not have rough sections, pits and bumps. To determine the quality of the work done, it is enough to simply hold the palm over the surface of the metal.

At this stage, you can proceed to priming. It is best to purchase a special aerosol dispenser. Apply the primer in one layer without using sandpaper.

Now we pass to the most responsible stage -coloring. To ensure that there are no visible spots on the body, select only those shades that correspond to the factory values. For this you need to know the exact number of paint. It is indicated in the special brochure supplied by the car manufacturer. Spray the aerosol at a distance of 20-30 centimeters from the body, so as not to cause streaks and stains. We apply the paint in three layers with a periodicity of 7-10 minutes. After that, the scratch on the machine will be completely eliminated. After the production of these works, it is desirable to treat the body of the machine with varnish and thoroughly polish it.

how to fix a scratch on the machine

Having read this article, you are once again convinced that it is not always necessary to deform the body in a professional technical center with the use of expensive equipment and tools.

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