Engine power of the car - how to increase?


If we talk about the engine power of the car,First of all, it is necessary to clearly understand what will be discussed. This is the work that is done during the combustion of the fuel-air mixture in the cylinder for a period of time. This is unrealistic to measure in cylinders. Because manufacturers use some tricks: measure the torque on the flywheel of the engine or use hydraulic brakes to measure how much heat or electricity produced by the engine with the calculation of effective power.

Car engine power
The engine's power of the car exists in two types: gross and net. It is worth considering each of them separately.

The net is measured on an engine thatis equipped with all units and auxiliary systems, i.e. the pump of the hydraulic booster, the generator, the inlet and exhaust system, the compressor of the conditioner, the control and safety system, etc. This is real power. It is displayed in the characteristics of the car.

The gross is measured on the engine, which is set toThe stand without any auxiliary equipment and systems. This power of the car engine is called laboratory or bench. And it is about 10-20 percent higher than the net.

How to raise engine power
It must be realized that in the end the machineIt is driven by the rotation of the driving wheels, and not directly by the engine. This power is traction. It is below the net by 3-10 percent because of losses in transmission for cars, and also for 20 percent for freight. This engine power of the car is spent on overcoming the two main forces of resistance - rolling and counter-flow. Another name is aerodynamic resistance.

How to increase engine power? There are two ways for this.

The first is to increase its power by applyingquality motor oil, fuel and antifriction additives. Still need to make changes in the very design of the engine. The consequences are increased fuel consumption.

The second is to reduce the impact on the machine forcesresistance, resorting to a decrease in the automotive mass, the use of high-quality wheel disks and tires, upgrading the chassis and transmission, improving aerodynamic performance.

From this it is clear that it is not so difficult to increase the engine power, however, efforts and financial resources will have to be made.

Increase engine power
Before making any changes to thecar, it is worth considering that the increase in power in most cases is directly proportional to the amount of fuel that the car consumes. We must also take into account the fact that in each model of the machine the power can be increased in different ways. After all, the engine of each vehicle is arranged in its own way. The job of increasing the capacity should be entrusted to highly qualified specialists. After all, if the person in the car is a beginner, and if he does something wrong - the engine will respond to this by a breakdown. However, if there is a willingness to take risks, then you need to remember - the increase in power can be achieved by increasing the volume of the filled cylinders and switching to higher-class fuel.

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