Reviews of owners of Ford Transit 7 generation


"Ford Transit" ... This minivan can be calledlegendary, because it is he who has been on the list of the best selling cars for 40 years already. For the entire period of its existence this car has gained great popularity not only on European, but also on our domestic market. Having gone its long way, the "German" still enjoys well-deserved success all over the world. And today we will talk about the new, seventh generation of minibuses, which is produced serially from 2007.

"Ford Transit" - feedback from owners about appearance

Design of a new generation of machines together withwith high-quality finishing materials, involuntarily makes you stop looking at the exterior. In comparison with its predecessors, the new minibus acquired a completely different form of headlight headlights.

feedback from owners of Ford Transit
Feedback from owners of Ford Transit 2007the fact that at night the car, or rather its headlights, has a fairly high level of luminescence, so that the driver does not have to look closely at distant objects. Also worth noting the built-in function of automatic switching of light from near to far and vice versa, in cases when the vehicle enters, for example, into the tunnel.

But not only the headlights surprised driversdevelopers of the 7th generation. Feedback from owners of Ford Transit also have a positive opinion about the bumper with footboards for easy cleaning of the windscreen. The radiator grille is easy to perceive and emphasizes the modernity of the car. A large windshield, consisting of a safe triplex, allows the driver to monitor all processes occurring around the machine. In general, the body of the novelty has become more attractive and stylish, which is repeatedly confirmed by the feedback of owners of Ford Transit 7 generation.



As for the inside of the car, there isone important detail - the interior in much of it resembles a passenger car showroom, but there is more than enough space for the driver here. By the way, the novelty is managed just as easily as the car. The updated minivan has acquired a new steering wheel, and the driver's seat now has lateral support, which positively affects the comfort of travel. Especially worth noting the comfort of movement over long distances - feedback from owners of Ford Transit suggests that after several hours of continuous driving the body almost does not feel tired. Respect for the developers is caused by the quality of the finishing materials, which do not cause any noise during the movement.

Feedback from owners of Ford Transit about technical characteristics

As for engines, the 7th generationThe minibus has a lot of variations of motors. The buyer can choose the most diverse equipment with a diesel or gasoline engine, with a volume of 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and even 3.2 liters.

And each of these units has a high level of reliability, performance and economy, so that the tuning of "Ford Transit" in the field of technical characteristics is not enough for anyone.

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