"Renault Scenic 2" - the best car in the European market


French "Reno Scenic 2" was not the firstcompact car in the world - similar Japanese models appeared much earlier. But it was this small minivan that was a real hit of sales and a model for the European small car market. A few years later, the demand for the purchase of this model of Renault has grown almost 8 times. Let's see why he got so popular.

Reno Scenic 2


Exterior "Reno Megan / Scenic 2" combinedmassive minivan lines and a specific form of the rear body, reminiscent of the hatchback class. Thus, the body structure was a compact minivan (or a large hatchback). The shape of the front of the car emphasized its belonging to the "Renault" model line.

This minivan is a kind of symbiosiscompactness and strength. Over its appearance and technical characteristics, the best engineers and designers worked. This is indicated by the restraint of the contours and lines, as well as carefully designed body parts. We can say that the tuning "Renault Scenic" was present from the assembly line. This applies to both the design and the technical part.


There are many different niches in the car andboxes. Under each seat there is a drawer. There is also a comfortable and functional armrest for the driver, which can be moved horizontally. Inside the armrest itself is a diode illumination. The torpedo has a small glove box. And on the back of the front seats - compact folding tables.

The luggage compartment is quite bulky, and if necessary, it is possible to fold the rear seats - then the baggage space will double.

reno megan stage 2

Technical part

"Renault Scenic 2" - purebred car: fast, dynamic and easy to manage. There are hardly any slow reactions and drifts. And thanks to the front-wheel drive configuration, you can safely maneuver on sharp bends.

Because of the successful combination of rigidity andthe comfort of the suspension, on the shosee the car behaves quite predictably and practically does not swing at a speed of more than 130 km / h. A high level of dynamic characteristics and a chassis inherited from the "Megan", you can turn any trip into a real pleasure.

Safety of the driver is one of the mainqualities "Renault Scenic 2". The efficiency of the brake system and other parts that affect the safety of the car, can help to prevent accidents on the road as much as possible. It is also worth noting that after passing the crash tests, the French minivan received a maximum rating of 5 stars.


tuning reno stage

Of course, the ideal car to designis impossible. But striving for the ideal, gradually improving the technical specifications, you will not forbid anyone. French developers managed to create a universal, reliable and safe machine. To carry cargo and passengers to any point with minimum costs - this is the main advantage of this minivan. However, all the advantages of the "Reno Scenic 2" can be listed for hours, for which the novelty was very popular in the European market.

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