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The automotive market in Russia today is notlacks the samples of available machines. The products of the domestic auto industry adequately compete with foreign cars. Quite fertile soil for the development of their brands in the vastness of our country was found by Chinese car manufacturers. Inexpensive stamping-copies with questionable quality gradually became ill and grew into pretty decent models that, despite their traditional aspiration, bordering on copying, absorb the most progressive and successful solutions won the right to their own name and occupied their niche in the markets of many countries.

Quite popular and even familiar onroads of Russia became Chery Tiggo. Reviews of this representative of an off-road family make him pay attention to him. Despite all the achievements of this Chinese car, domestic experience is most valuable to domestic consumers precisely in the conditions of our country.

With a view the model is a continuation of the designtraditions of Japanese RAV4. The car so excelled in this field that it is practically impossible to distinguish it from the Toyota model on the track under a layer of spring-autumn mud. Even in the details of the design of the exterior of Chery Tiggo, the testimonials to that confirmation, is in fact a clone. But, having carefully looked at the logo, you immediately understand what you are dealing with. "Tiger" from Chery, although it has a rather muscular appearance and a couple of tons of weight in full equipment, belongs to the category of so-called parkets. It would seem that the kengurin and footboard pipes create only an external impression, but the reviews, Chery Tiggo collected them a lot, suggest that something is possible even with a model with a similar configuration of the running gear.

But impassability is not the end of this car.The two-liter engine capacity potential brings to an index of 136 horses. The speedometer is marked up to 220 km / h, but if you look at what Cherie Tigo received from our compatriots, you can see that no one bragged about how he drove the device's arrow to the extreme right. But after all, we are not going to beat the sports records behind the wheel of this cute Chinese crossover. It's enough that the cruise control perfectly copes with the settings for 120-130 km, and the car feels quite stable and shows remarkable stability and control on the Russian high-speed routes.

Having climbed inside, you understand that you are dealing witha bright representative of the budget family. Despite the presence of a basic set of dopov for comfort, coziness and safety, the quality of the upholstery and used in the formulation of inexpensive plastic gives a car from the category available at both the price and the cost of maintenance.

An abundance of glove boxes, niches and all kinds of boxescreates excellent prerequisites for placing not only hand luggage, but also various small items. In the car kit there is a heating option for the seats, very comfortable and quite functional in Chery Tiggo, user reviews note that its capabilities are quite noticeable. The air conditioner is able to create a cozy atmosphere and a pleasant microclimate in the cabin, but only the features of the control panel want to have a more convenient and informative regulation.

To sum up, under a brief overview of the possibilitiesChinese crossover, it is worth mentioning that automakers from China managed to achieve excellent results thanks to close cooperation with specialists from the world of machine production. Skillfully using delicious design tricks, managed to get the car pretty and best-selling. But it was not the appearance of a single and successful value that Cherry managed to "pierce" a place in the sun.

A powerful high-efficiency motor was created inclose cooperation of Austrian and Chinese experts, the gearbox was designed in Mitsubishi's laboratories, by the way, it works great on many branded European models plus all the hard work and diligence of the workers who are assembling these machines. Chery Tiggo reviews received very flattering, and in the salons he does not stay. The model even formed queues, which in turn creates the car additional indirect advertising.

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