MPI engine: what is it, the operating principle, advantages and disadvantages


Few car owners know that this issuch is the MPI engine. This abbreviation stands for Multi-Point-Injection, and the motor itself is a design with a multi-point fuel injection system. If we summarize the data, the peculiarity of such an engine is that each cylinder of the power plant receives its own injector injector. This technology was invented and implemented by the concern Volkswagen.

mpi engine what is it

Where is it implemented?

Now you understand a little bit what it is MPI engine. For the first time such a technology was successfully introduced into the Polo model. Later, "Golf" and "Jetta" also received such engines.

Note that the engine group of the concern"Volkswagen" such engines are obsolete. Nevertheless, they are practical and trouble-free. Many experts say that today such power plants do not meet modern standards of economy and ecology. In addition, more recently, it could be said that the manufacturer stopped the production of such motors. The last car that received the engine MPI - "Skoda Octavia" second series.

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However, recently the technology was revived, it became popular. In autumn 2015, at the Kaluga plant, the concern launched a production line for these engines, where the EA211 series started to be manufactured.


About what it is MPI-engines, whatfeatures they have, already written above. These are motors with a multi-point gasoline system. However, knowledgeable people can say that the TSI-engines also use a multi-point fuel delivery system. Therefore, in this case, it is appropriate to talk about other distinguishing features - in the MPI-engines "Skoda" and "Volkswagen" there is no supercharging. This means that there are no turbochargers that would pump a mixture of fuel into the engine cylinders. Here, the most common gasoline pump is used, which pumps gasoline from the tank to the launch manifold, creating a pressure of just 3 atmospheres. In the manifold, fuel is mixed with air and through the intake valve is tightened into the combustion chamber. Actually, the system is very similar to the principle of the carburetor, and there is no direct injection of fuel into the cylinders (as in FSI, TSI and GDi-engines).

shoal octave engine mpi

Now you have a better idea,that it is MPI-engines. It is appropriate to answer the second feature - the presence of a water cooling system. Thanks to it, the fuel is cooled. This is necessary due to the increased temperature conditions of the cylinder head. Since the temperature is high there and the fuel is supplied under low pressure, there is a possibility that the fuel mixture may boil, which will lead to the formation of gas air plugs.


Motors MPI can boast of unpretentiousness toused fuel and work efficiently on the 92nd gasoline. Also, the design of this engine is very strong, and its mileage without any intervention and repair is on average 300 thousand kilometers. Of course, in time it is necessary to change filters and oil. The engine "Skoda Octavia" 1.6 MPI (and other models of cars) is simple design, and in the event of any damage it can be inexpensively repaired at the service station. In this case, the design feature of such motors is advantageous from the more complex TSI-engines with high-pressure pumps and turbochargers. Also MPI-motors are less overheated.

The last more or less relevant plus - rubber supports located under the engine. They contribute to reducing noise and jitter while riding.

mpi engine reviews


If you believe the reviews, MPI engines are lessdynamic, and there is an explanation. Due to the fact that gasoline is mixed with air in the discharge channels (before being fed into the cylinders), these motors are limited. Also, an eight-valve system with a timing kit makes it clear that the motor lacks power. Therefore, such engines are not designed for quick start and speed dialing.

The second drawback is that it is uneconomical.Multipoint injection for efficiency and economy yields to a supercharging with direct injection of fuel into the cylinders. As mentioned above, this technology is implemented in TSI-engines.

MPI engine - a solution for Russian roads

In addition, cars on such engines are bettersuitable for Russian operating conditions. The fact is that the quality of fuel sold at some gas stations, leaves much to be desired. However, for MPI engines, even gasoline with a higher sulfur content is easily perceived, and the engine perfectly recycles this type of fuel. And the robust design of the power plant itself provides additional reliability and protection from unnecessary mechanical stresses that occur when driving on bad roads with potholes. So it is fair to say that for Russia MPI-engines are better suited. Perhaps, because of this, and was established production line production of such engines at the Kaluga plant. Now we have finally figured out what an MPI engine is and what its features, advantages and disadvantages are.

oil engine shod octavy 1 6 mpi


If you compare the pros and cons, you can dothe conclusion that such motors are quite competitive. Indirect confirmation of this is the refusal of German manufacturers from 1.2-liter TSI-motors in favor of unpretentious 1.6-liter engines with injection technology MPI.

Can I recommend it to buyerscars? Completely! This is a fairly successful technology from the concern Volkswagen, which deserves a chance to live. Proof of this are numerous customer testimonials.

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