Honda CRF 450: modifications, features, prices


Motorcycle Honda CRF 450 is considered to be onefrom the leaders in their class. This model, which has been produced since 2000, is so popular that there are many "clones", the cost of which is lower, but the characteristics are more modest. There are several versions of this motorcycle, designed for similar, but different purposes.

honda crf 450


The features of each of the variations of the model are presented in the following table.




cross bike with kickstarter, without mirrors and headlights


Hard Enduro with the appropriate motor and suspension settings


enduro with electric starter, mirrors and headlights

The manufacturer decided to build 3 similara bike on one base. This expands the functionality and allows each potential buyer to choose the Honda CRF 450 motorcycle corresponding to his requests.


All 3 models have small differences. But in many respects their characteristics are similar. The volume of the 1-cylinder 4-stroke engine is 449 cm3. The fuel is injected with a carburetor. At 7500 rpm, the bike is capable of delivering up to fifty horsepower.

The bike is equipped with a 5-speed box, and the drive is carried by a chain.

The front suspension is a fork with a stroke of 315 mm. Behind is a mono-amortization with a progression, the stroke of which is also 315 mm.

honda crf 450 specs

The brake system is typical for the class.A disc hydraulics with a piston caliper is located ahead. Rear brake disc hydraulic, equipped with a 1-piston caliper. The diameter of both disks is 240 mm. The tank of a motorcycle Honda CRF 450 is capable to contain 8,3 liters of fuel.

The dry weight is 116 kilograms, which makes this bike one of the easiest among the analogues.

Owners opinions

Motorcycle owners say that this deviceyou can completely rely on. He is reliable, reacts quickly to the pilot's commands, shows excellent handling and maneuverability. Honda CRF 450, the characteristics of which have to ride off-road, confidently feels in the city. According to the owners, fuel consumption does not exceed 8 liters per hundred and in general depends on the style and manner of driving.

But those who decided to buy a motorcycle Honda CRF450, it should be remembered that this is primarily a sports projectile. It requires constant care, prevention, certain monetary investments. To anyone who dreams of a city bike or a universal enduro, perhaps it is worth considering another model.

Price list

This model was launched relatively recently. In our time, it can be bought in motor shows through the official dealers of Honda. The new bike will cost an average of 500 thousand rubles.

honda crf 450 specifications

Proposals on the secondary market are relativelya lot. The price depends on the state of the motorcycle, and it, with the purpose of the projectile, can be anything. The minimum cost of a motorcycle will be not less than 100 000 rubles. But acquiring such a model, one must understand that additional investments will be required in preparation for operation.

Main competitors Honda CRF 450

If you are considering a cross variant, pay attention also to such models as "Kawasaki KX 450 F", "Suzuki RM-Z450", "Yamaha YZ 450 F".

The main competitors of the enduro version are Kawasaki KLX 450R, Suzuki DR-Z450 E, Yamaha WR 450 and Suzuki RMX 450Z.

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