Is it worth to install xenon in the fog?


If you want to significantly improve securitydriving at night, it is worth installing xenon in the fog. Unlike ordinary halogen lamps, xenon can shine at two (and even three times) brighter. Accordingly, the driver sees more dangerous areas on the roadway and the roadside. This fact allows him to instantly react to the future danger and avoid getting the car into an accident. After all, it's not a secret for anyone that sometimes a few seconds are saved from an accident, and the driver's reaction will depend not only on his life, but also on the lives of passengers.

xenon in the fog-light

Xenon in the fog-light: design and features

Thanks to the special structure and location belowthe main headlights, such fog lights will be an indispensable element for safe trips to slush, fog, rain and snow. These headlights are not afraid of temperature changes and are very resistant to moisture.

It is worth noting one more feature - xenon infog lights can cover not only the roadway, but also capture part of the curb. This is important for long night trips, because it is there that you can meet the danger (pit, ruptured wheel from the wagon, a car without the included dimensions and, finally, pedestrians). If you install the xenon in the fog-light, this will increase the visibility of such zones and may even save your life. Also, the ability to illuminate dangerous areas contributes to safe entry into corners, and these are areas where accidents most often occur. And all because of the fact that the driver simply does not notice all the "blind zones" on the sides, driving into the unlit space.

installing xenon in the fog-light

Installing Xenon in the fog-light - advantages and disadvantages

This light tuning increases the rangeroad lighting three times. In addition, the xenon lamps do not get very hot. Thus, their service life is 2-3 years longer. And because of frequent fluctuations in temperature, standard lamps put the entire structure at risk, including a glass diffuser. Perhaps, the only drawback of such an "upgrade" is the risk of "blind" the driver, who is approaching you. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to install in certain service centers, where specialists will adjust the angle of the direction of light.

Daytime Running Lights

Xenon in fog lights can be operated andin the daytime, as navigation lights. Thus, the car will be more noticeable among the moving stream, and it's safer. The main thing - do not include both the main headlights and fog lights. This action, on the contrary, increases the risk of accidents, "blinding" the oncoming motorists.

xenon in fog lights

Xenon in the fog-light as an element of tuning

It should be noted that the installation of this spare partcan not only increase the range of road lighting, but also emphasize all the features of the car. Xenon lamps perfectly match the main headlights and give the car an elegant and unique style. For today, there are many manufacturers that manufacture products for almost all brands of machines. So with the choice of suitable headlights no problems arise.

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