Is it worth it to make tuning of the VAZ 2106 engine?


Sometimes owners of domestic "sixes" do notenough engine power to accelerate, and indeed for the arrival on any elevated street. But with this, do not forget that this car was made in the 80's of last century. To date, there are so many ways to improve the technical characteristics of your car, and one of these methods is tuning the VAZ 2106 engine.

tuning engine VAZ 2106
Often, this process involves a wholecycle locksmith work, as a result of which the output is more voluminous and, accordingly, a more powerful motor. But how will the engine behave? The answer to this question you will find in our article.

Tuning engine VAZ 2106: suitability for forcing and life

At the moment, almost all enginesinternal combustion are more or less suitable for tuning. Can improve both new and exhausted engines, the lifetime of which has long crossed the border in 20 years. But with increasing power tuning engine VAZ 2106 implies an increase or decrease in fuel consumption. And how the motor will behave, it already depends on the quality and, of course, the type of work performed. As for the service life, most often after tuning it increases by 70-80 percent. But if the "six" will go on the cheapest oil and gasoline, then nothing good will come of it. Therefore, after you have tuned the engine VAZ 2106, you should not later save on simple spare parts. Such savings can lead to unpredictable consequences.

VAZ 2106 tuning engine

Why does the life of motors on VAZ 2106 increase?

Tuning engine of the domestic "six" isalways a complex process, which is accompanied by accurate measurements and numerous improvements. Due to this, the service life of the motor can increase as much as 2 times. What is the secret of such a resource? And there is no secret here - the thing is that the motor produced on the conveyor belt is not subjected to any additional research, especially in the case of the Volzhsky Automobile Plant, where the quality of assembly has always been not at the highest level. Protyuningovannym same engine (that is, in fact, collected from scratch) after the metalwork is subjected to a lot of technical improvements, which contribute to the increased service life of the motor.

To whom to address?

tuning engine VAZ 2106 own hands

Most often domestic motorists in pursuit ofeconomy do not understand what they want to get from their "six". Therefore, tuning the VAZ 2106 engine with your own hands is far from the best option. Besides, not everyone of us has expensive equipment for tuning and deep knowledge in the field of forcing. It is best to turn to professional auto mechanics in SRT, which will help to clearly articulate all your desires and implement them. Of course, such services will cost as much as the car itself, so before tuning, carefully study your financial capabilities.


Based on all of the above, you canto say that the tuning of the VAZ 2106 engine is a useful, but very expensive, pleasure. But if you really are a fan of the domestic car industry, this is the way for you.

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