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Any station wagon, as is known, begins withtrunk. Skoda Fabia Combi did not become an exception: despite its compact dimensions, it has many advantages. And we will begin acquaintance with this model directly from an estimation of its luggage compartment. That's what the manufacturer gives us: the volume of the trunk, if you raise the backs of the rear seats, is 480 liters, and the biggest weight of the cargo, which can be taken without a problem on board, is 515 kg.

skoda fabia combi
Not bad at all, if you consider that the machine is slightly "grown" in length in comparison with the same hatchback. But is it convenient to use the trunk in practice? Completely.

A large rear door at the opening providesa fairly wide opening, therefore, with the loading of dimensional things, there will be no special problems. The space is organized also remarkably: easily folding seats and a flat floor are an indisputable plus. It is also interesting that Skoda Fabia Combi has a retractable automatically rear curtain. One easy pressing - and it smoothly shifts, thus providing access to the trunk, which, among other things, now provides a reliable cargo securing system. A very useful thing for those who often travel on primers or country roads. Any luggage in this case will remain unscathed.

Skoda Fabia Combi, which we are now reviewing, has gone through a series of crash tests,

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the results of which were very gratifying. According to experts, this model is quite safe. As for the auto salon, it remained the same convenient and comfortable, only it became more sophisticated in terms of finishing and quality of the equipment.

The choice of engines from Skoda Fabia Combi is practicallythe same as that appeared in 2008 model Skoda Fabia: not enough only 1.2-liter engine. Note that all engines can work when using Ai-92 fuel. Diesels in this model are also envisaged, but the company's representation decided not to bring them to the Russian car market because of low demand.

The gearbox of the car is two.Modification with a 1.4-liter engine provides a five-step "mechanics", and a car with a 1.6-liter engine - six-speed "automatic", but with a manual gear shift.

How to behave on the road Skoda Fabia Combi?The owners' testimonies indicate that the behavior of the car is quite good. The suspension is very well tuned and moderately rigid, which makes the car easy to drive even at a fairly high speed. The machine is very stable when cornering. Does not cause criticism and

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steering, in spite ofelectrohydraulic amplifier. To the negative moments can be attributed a few complaints about the suspension when driving on the road and poorly soundproof. In other respects, the owners of Skoda Fabia Combi are not satisfied with their purchase. Almost everyone noted that the car is very economical with fuel consumption. The trunk is really very capacious, which the girls - mistresses of this model were inexpressibly happy about. They managed to accommodate all of their numerous suitcases when they went on vacation. Air conditioning, refrigerator and other "gadgets" are working properly throughout all those years that the machine is in use. None of those who left the reviews did not regret their purchase.

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