Renault Megan Hatchback - reviews of car owners


Cars of foreign brands deservewide popularity among Russian car owners. When choosing a car, it is necessary to determine for what purpose it will serve. In the conditions of the city, a harmonious and beautiful model of Renault Megan Hatchback is perfect. It is able to become a favorite car of its owner and to emphasize its individuality.

Characteristics of Renault Megan Hatchback

If you like driving comfort and greatspeed, then this car is created for you. It is suitable for family trips around the city. And he shows himself perfectly in the conditions of our Russian roads. The car has a beautiful design, reminiscent of sports models. This impression is emphasized by air intakes, body lines and other details of the design. The interior of the cabin is ergonomic and creates comfortable conditions for the driver. Thanks to the presence of a large trunk, the Renault Megan Hatchback allows you to carry a lot of things.

Renault Megan Hatchback

The driver and all passengers in the car are provided withhigh level of protection. The car has side impact sensors and 2-chamber airbags. The car is distinguished by its strength, quality of execution and selection of materials. He can conquer consumers with his sports design. The car combines all the best qualities of cars of this brand.

New car model Renault Megane Hatchbackequipped with an electronic control unit, the machine is equipped with an analog-digital display, as well as an interface for communication with cruise control. The engine is started by a remote key card, there is a navigation system, an audio system, the parking brake is equipped with an amplifier. The machine performs all the driver's commands accurately, is compliant on the road.

The engine mounted on the car,environmentally friendly and powerful. It can be a volume of 1.6 to 2 liters. The car front-wheel drive, produced models with manual transmission, automatic transmission and variator transmission. Thanks to the clear lateral lines and the overall harmony of form, the "iron horse" gives the impression of energy and strength. The car of French production combines the achievements of modern technology and safety on any roads.

Renault Megan Hatchback

Reviews about car

Among the owners of Renault Megan Hatchback reviewsmeets mostly positive nature. They note the excellent design of the car, its ergonomics, comfortableness, good adaptability to driving conditions on the Russian roads. The car is excellent along the highway. Car owners praise the dynamics of dispersal, a cozy interior of the cabin, a suspension that alleviates all the roughness of the road. In addition, the car economically spends fuel. Many buyers like the ratio of the price of the car and its quality. At low temperatures, the Renault Megan Hatchback starts quickly, has good visibility. Park the car conveniently with the help of parking sensors, the same purpose serves as a rear view camera.

Renault Megan Hatchback reviews

According to the owners, Renault Megane hasexcellent noise insulation. There is an onboard computer, the radio tape recorder and headlights turn off automatically. Of the additional useful options that the car has, list the heated side mirrors, rear window and seats, air conditioning, power steering. Motorists say that Renault Megan Hatchback is practically "omnivorous", consumes gasoline of any brand. The machine is dynamic and very reliable. Motorists come to the conclusion that they were not mistaken with the choice, having acquired this brand.

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